What Black Lives Matter Protests are really about

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  • This 53 year old Black man, whose personally lived through a lot of traumatic experiences because of racism in our country, thanks you from the bottom of his heart. You didn’t have to take this position. You certainly didn’t have to vocalize your position and risk marring your own reputation and success with your viewers. So thank you for being a good man, Casey. I pray those who may not listen to me might listen to you.

    Michael AMichael AМесяц назад
    • cheap propagandist/agitator

      Michael SweeneyMichael Sweeney2 дня назад
    • What a hero, he left out all the facts about the Breonna Taylor case just like all the other media jerk offs. Like that there was proven drug trafficking going on from her apt and more. I’m surprised at you Michael A. You got sucked into this fools sad attempt to gain viewers for his RUproject channel by posting this bullshit. He understands what you deal with like a windshield understands what bugs go through. Do be used so easily.

      Truth of 73Truth of 737 дней назад
    • Every 4 years

      Denis C.Denis C.9 дней назад
    • You mean a 53 year old Felon who died from suffocation of a police officer for counterfeit

      Slyrixz __Slyrixz __12 дней назад
    • then move to Jamaica or Africa where white 'privilege' cant be used as a scapegoat, you see through fraud

      Arthur RimbaudArthur Rimbaud12 дней назад
  • I think all lives matter including White, yellow, brown and black. Why are you excluding all other races? is racism, limited to just one race? is there not Equality among races? Whites shouldn't be racists against any other colour but black, yellow, and brown can be racist all they want to themselves and to White people? is society confused as to what racism and equality is? Or is racism just another way to wage war on other races?

    PKTVPKTVЧас назад
  • I hate casey neistat because when i think back on all his videos. Watching his dim pointless perspective on topics wrapped in high school film packaging is about as appealing as watching paint dry.

    Dan MicalizziDan Micalizzi2 часа назад
  • This is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen absolutely nothing is coming from this you are all wasting your time Unfortunately change Comes from the top End of slavery. End of subrogation. Right to vote. All of these made possible by the sitting president of the time . I hate to tell everyone but the laws you are looking for are already in the books it's just that there's people out there who don't give a shit and yes some are cop's ..

    Dionysio KatehisDionysio Katehis2 часа назад
  • Racist things are still going on on july at aremica

    Dr kfcDr kfc3 часа назад
  • You do have a good point

    Colin Koehn13Colin Koehn133 часа назад
  • To each and every one of the 14k people that disliked this vid, I hope you stub your toe.

    Randomwhateve RRandomwhateve R7 часов назад
  • BLM = Burn Loot Murder

    AlamTubeAlamTube8 часов назад
  • They can protest but not riot, and they are rioting.

    DietXboxDietXbox11 часов назад
  • And the law is the law

    DietXboxDietXbox11 часов назад
  • You can’t shoot at the police

    DietXboxDietXbox11 часов назад
  • BLM is racist and they are operating illegally

    DietXboxDietXbox11 часов назад
  • The governments are the problem!.....They make the rules and laws..which they brake themselves!.....In turn,it turns people against each other,and causes hatred.......regardless of if its a black or white person.....comitted of.....or not....but the slave trade has so much to do with hatred cemented in history forever!.....So in that respect.....we have everybody to blame!..

    tuna hunatuna huna12 часов назад
  • You are a well spoken very educated man thank you, please keep doing what your doing.God bless all

    Joseph HicksJoseph Hicks13 часов назад
  • The main funding for these groups..."BLM AND ANTIFA..is coming in from Democrat party's and George SOROS....Ask yourselves why would they fund these radical groups???...Power and Controle by causing division!!

    Tina NemathTina Nemath13 часов назад
  • Because of my line of work, the people whom I serve are literally trained to treat me, observe me as though I am a thief. It has nothing to do with skin color. There are whites who treat whites like shit. So while there may be racism obviously, to say there is privilege of some sort as a blanket statement is absurd. Does privilege exist ? Yep. Does it exist with blacks among blacks ? Yep. It’s called unity among your peers. Tuning that into some political statement is nothing more than trying to create division among all of us. There are bad people in every people group. There are wonderful people in every people group. Has nothing to do with race.

    North SouthNorth South13 часов назад
  • “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” -Mike Tyson

    Made Supply Co.Made Supply Co.14 часов назад
  • One thing I do when someone tells me to join an organization or group, I do my research. I want to know what their mission statement is and what they want to accomplish. I strongly suggest everyone do the same thing because many of these groups sound honorable but they are wolves in sheep's clothing. Go to their main website, talk to the leaders of the organization about their missions statements and ask questions.....then see if you still want to march along with them. Don't just trust the mob...you'll get sucked into something perhaps may ruin your life!

    ArgentCaliGirl GoArgentCaliGirl Go14 часов назад
  • BLM has split the UK faster and more effective than Brexit has done in 4 years remember The UK Has big cities full of Collage students being "Socialists" And people in outside towns minding there own business And Skai Jackson has just reached the UK and its horrifying Remember George Floyd died in america not great Britain

    ScuntScunt14 часов назад
  • Listen we need realize that we all matter doesn’t matter if your red or blue or black or white we all are human beings we should know this now after that has happened in our history and also we need to know that there is nice cops out there but bad ones we cannot hate even the nicest cop out there because he is a cop but bad cops should know by no stop be a nice person if you liked this comment thank you

    Aidyn GraciAidyn Graci14 часов назад
  • fortunately in this country you have the full attention of a doctor you're just as likely to get a loan as I am (which I was denied) and I own a million dollar home and couldn't get a $10,000 loan from Wells Fargo to boost my business.

    Roger ProdactorRoger Prodactor14 часов назад
  • All you people saying you would have marched with MLK but are against black lives matters are probably just fooling yourselves

    Jon AbrahamsJon Abrahams15 часов назад
  • well done Casey!

    Jon AbrahamsJon Abrahams15 часов назад
  • I don’t know but I have not seen any black person in chains, nor have I seen anyone being sold lately, nor have I heard of anyone being hung. I have heard, however, of Oprah who owns about five houses and swims in money. I have heard of Diana Ross married to a French man with plenty of money. I have heard about the super high salary black athletes make. We can go on. I do however see that people that choose the wrong path in life sooner or later meets his fate and Satan along the way. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got.

    Birch TreeBirch Tree15 часов назад
  • I Like what Casey said about privilege. But he forgets how hard he worked and hustled to get that. So that privilege did not fall out of the sky or he hit mega millions. Welcome to land of opportunity where a man with sunglasses is giving his prerecorded opinion to millions of people. Watch his other videos when he blogs daily and don't tell all those hours of work don't matter? Protest is one thing. looting, burning, killing and hating other human beings is not acceptable. Due process is what America is waiting for in all these cases. But when the streets cry out "no justice no peace" and innocent children are being slaughtered. So what is the true agenda with the #? Go to the web site and read it for yourself comrades???

    Frank ManganoFrank Mangano15 часов назад
  • WTF does skin colour matter anyway? It has to be about the least important part of a person ever despite everyone going on and on and on and on and on about it.

    ZENOIST2ZENOIST216 часов назад
  • now talk about black on black murders, way wayyy higher than police murders.

    Seaside StranglerSeaside Strangler16 часов назад
  • One of Maestro fresh Wes’s lines is we all originate from the same decent, that includes blacks.

    Aydin ThompsonAydin Thompson17 часов назад
  • Yeah...vote for more Democrats...the same people that got you here LOL

    TheManicornTheManicorn17 часов назад
  • You omitted quite a few details of the Breonna Taylor situation. You might want to add the fact that her ex-boyfriend was selling drugs out of her apartment, which was known to her. She was not just some innocent victim in the night. Should she have been shot, no. Should she have been letting her boyfriend use her apartment as a trap house, no. The boyfriend was considered armed and dangerous, which is why the no-knock warrant was granted by the judge. Tell the FULL TRUTH.

    TheManicornTheManicorn17 часов назад
  • You're right, that's not right, nor is it ok, but it also doesn't just happen to black people. We have a tyranny problem in this country, not a race problem. And if BLM really wanted to solve this problem, they would be fighting tyranny, not giving 900,000,000 to the Bernie Sanders campaign and the DNC. I highly doubt communism is going to stop the brutality. And I want to remember my role being someone who didn't support a vicious entity that literally tries to destroy anything that doesn't agree with them, corporations, people, property, and small businesses. I've seen enough of the peaceful protestors attacking and threatening people for simply existing, and no I am not talking about looters, I'm talking about people marching down the street, your "average" protester. And I've seen how many people now feel it's ok to just assault anyone they don't agree with or that looks at them funny, or accidentally bumps into them. I saw my city's citizens cars destroyed with their little kids in the back for simply trying to drive down the road. I'm seeing the anti-white hate that is being spread across the nation, attacking people for their skin color while crying about being attacked for their skin color....I'm good not being on the side of all of that. I'll stick with right is right and wrong is wrong and sleep find at the end of the night.

    Lakeland RecordsLakeland Records18 часов назад
  • what exactly are the black lives matter doing? anything positive because just bringing "awareness"?

    t wt w19 часов назад
  • I scrolled down like you suggested. I saw lots of hatred and confused voices who know nothing of what the movement is all about. I apologize for their ignorance. Let me tell you why I watched this. I posted a "call" for people to send me a very simple, recorded video of themselves saying "Black Lives Matter." I would use those videos in RC car videos. My post was on a FB group for RC cars. I got like 30 comments within 10 minutes. 99% of them were people who only showed their hatred and disgust for Black people who simply want to matter for once in their lives. There were maybe 2 or 3 people out of those 30 who were actually intelligent and either said they wouldn't participate (and that all the others were being to reactionary) or went a step further and voiced support for my endeavor. One of those posted a link to this video, and I'm glad he did. I even more determined to produce my RC car video using my Stampede 4x4 w/ a new Proline, black body, on which I put stickers advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement. On any video I produce in that series, I will mention this video and provide a link. I am shocked, horrified and frankly scared that there are so many people who embody hatred. It is the Black Lives Matter movement who made me aware of the rampant racism around me. After seeing the hatred unfold in that RC car group within only minutes of me posting a simple call for interested people, I left the FB group. I also decided to post the same msg on another RC car group as a test, and got the same exact result. So I left that group too. I am saddened. If I ever see racist hatred, I'll be the first to call that person on it. Thank you for this video.

    Ramon BannisterRamon Bannister19 часов назад
  • The colonists should've left the African in Africa!!!!

    george maxeygeorge maxey19 часов назад
  • Hey

    ManasManas19 часов назад
  • Hopefully everyone gets your way/ sense of thinking , understanding, accepting , you have

    KeshavKeshav20 часов назад
  • my problem is that if breonna taylor or george floyd where white, no one would care half as much, even though the same thing is being done

    PillowsPillows21 час назад
  • F the Police. Once Pac said and he was Right 🐸

    sher khansher khan22 часа назад
  • Its time to call these protests and riots for what they have become. A far left socialist uprising. This was never simply about so called police brutality and systemic racism. Groups like Antifa are pushing an agenda which threatens the stability and prosperity of our society. Do not forget these are the people that follow an ideology which has impoverished and killed many millions of people in Communist/Socialist controlled societies around the world over the last century. Ultimately they do not serve the best interests of the poor. They simply hate the rich. Given the opportunity they will not think twice about turning their Nations into failed welfare States in order to achieve their objectives. It's time to call them out

    Kane AnthonyKane AnthonyДень назад
  • Well spoken. Strength to you.

    Michael du SautoyMichael du SautoyДень назад
  • I really don’t like getting into discussions about what’s been shown on the news about citizens and the police because I may not know what’s effecting another person in another area of the country. So one aspect I am privileged. There’s two sides to every story and both sides should be heard, this is what makes our democracy and our freedoms precious. Can we just put away the animosity aside and listen, try to find solutions and move forward to help everyone have an improved way of life?

    groomlakefishermangroomlakefishermanДень назад
  • I think blm is BS but so are no knock warrants those are messed up and gorge Floyd wasnt chocked he had cocaine in his blood and adrenaline which makes a chemical similar to cyanide

    Drew FlynnDrew FlynnДень назад
  • You never mention the native American Indians?

    Brian McBrian McДень назад
  • 4:58 i believe u

    very boyvery boyДень назад
  • Thank you Casey, thank you. ❤️

    Lucas CELESTELucas CELESTEДень назад
  • My mom is a cop and she hasn’t done anything bad and people look at her and everyone at school hates me for my mom being a cop

    Bluz BluzBluz BluzДень назад
    • @Bluz Bluz why not, also stop liking your own comments,it's pathetic

      excuse you?excuse you?4 часа назад
    • excuse you?, why do you hate me as well

      Bluz BluzBluz Bluz9 часов назад
    • She did one bad thing,she brought you into this world.

      excuse you?excuse you?День назад
  • I think things have gotten better over the years. But the media is creating the foundation of a race war. I think there's a mentality of victim good and everything is based on racism,l. I worked with this one black young lady. She wouldn't listen, talked about her boyfriend instead of working and our production didn't exist. Finally, I told her that I couldn't work with her. Instead of asking why or getting her crap together, she accused me of treat ing her this way because she was black. It's that kind of mentality can divide us. She eventually got fired because she wouldn't listen and talked too much. But to her, she got released because she was black I'm trying to make a point, but I'm unsure what kind of statement I was trying to get a cross Oh, our perception of things create our own reality. Some people don't want to be accountable, so they come up with stupid stories on how their race is being held back. Change your negative and victim mentality and you will change your life.

    Doug CollierDoug CollierДень назад
  • Protesters murdered David Dorn. The media didn't talk about it. BLM made the situation of black people so bad it will take years to repair.

    David Dorn's Life MatterDavid Dorn's Life MatterДень назад
  • Blm = burn loot murder

    Liberals have serious TDSLiberals have serious TDSДень назад
  • Shit happens.

    Mathew BlackmanMathew BlackmanДень назад
  • A criminal is dead

    mike brooksmike brooksДень назад
  • All lives matter

    Raider092Raider092День назад
    • all lives can’t matter til black lives do.

      Cadrian BartonCadrian BartonДень назад
  • The only person holding you back...is you. Quit looking for excuses, the answer is in the mirror.

    Human BeingHuman BeingДень назад
  • .

    Anthony MahoneyAnthony MahoneyДень назад
  • 🔴THE word 'BLACK' is racist. No matter who says it. DARK SKIN! (not black) If you wanna stop racism, stop saying the word 'BLACK!' It could be that easy; won't know 'till you try. AS IF ANYONE THINKS BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER!!! (never met a single person in my life who thought this way! What BLM really means, is "WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER!"

    • Black people

      MTB.MTB.День назад
  • Not you too??? I'm 67, hispanic, grew up in ELA. My friends and I were stopped, pulled over and questioned by the police countless times... NEVER have I had bad experiance with any branch of the police. And I'll tell you why, my parents taught me better...You treat those cops with respect, yes sir, no sir. No matter what... Without a doubt, cops or any human, for that matter are not perfect.... Those cops will be held accountable for their actions. But to blame the entire police department and every white person of racism is smiley stupid...

    Rick GRick GДень назад
  • That first incident with the girlfriend being killed was a misunderstanding NOT racism. The amendment that allows you to have a weapon also allows you to defend yourself which the police officers and man were both doing - just because the girlfriend who was black got killed was because of a misunderstanding. What if you were involved with a No Knock Warrant and you were shot in the leg by a possible drug dealer, you would fire back. That isnt racism it is misunderstood perception of the situation, it is racism due to the fact the news used the fact the women was back as a excuse eto say it was racism which is massively unacceptable. Will Smith once said "Racism isn't growing, it's being filmed" - therefore this is filming of decepted racism. The whole situation is out of context

    WhiteWhiteДень назад
  • Black Live Matter is a terrorist group change my mind

    • Cadrian Barton No it’s about defunding the cops don’t black cop lives matter?

      SLUGGERSLUGGERДень назад
    • it’s not. it’s a fight for equality.

      Cadrian BartonCadrian BartonДень назад
    • Facts

      Cleanest Best PleasureCleanest Best PleasureДень назад
  • Although not everyone has the same skin colour, but everyone bleeds the same colour. And that already tells that we are all equal.

    Friendzy iReFriendzy iReДень назад
  • What are you talking about

    Vas BadrouVas BadrouДень назад
  • Если ты русский отпишись пожалуйста

    Никита БабинНикита БабинДень назад
  • Never feared police, never worried about getting denied a loan, never had to worry about getting proper healthcare. That's his privilege? Shit I think he doesn't realize that a bunch of the rest of us white people aren't rich tools bags like this guy.

    DirtyWop BastardDirtyWop BastardДень назад
    • But you don't really care about wealth inequality either. You're just mad he has a lot of subscribers & is speaking up for black lives. Yeah I'm white and sick of blue privilege,wealthy privilege, and the racism that is built into the capitalist oligarchy.

      Tommyo BTommyo B23 часа назад
  • People like you need to be held accountable. Violently. Two videos prior you are shaming everyone who went outside during Corona, now you urge to go to insanely unsafe protests, tearing down statues. You deserve horrible punishment inflicted on you by society.

    IRONIRONДень назад
  • Arson, theft, assault, vandalism, and murder is all BLM has accomplished so far.

    Big BrownstainBig BrownstainДень назад
    • Violent cops have been arrested/charged. Areas have enacted laws that ban no knock warrants. Some areas have started defunding and all police are now under the microscope. Things have been accomplished but there is more work to do so the protesting continues. BLM

      Tommyo BTommyo B23 часа назад
    • Doesnt sound to dissimilar from St. Floyd

      chris lchris lДень назад
  • Until we stop labeling and referring people by their skin color we won’t really change anything . Why do we always have to remark someone’s skin color or race ?

    Ricky IndependentThinkerRicky IndependentThinkerДень назад
    • YES. that’s what i always say. we are only one race. the human race. if we stopped labeling everything there wouldn’t be that big of a problem

      Cadrian BartonCadrian BartonДень назад
  • Black People need to sort out there own homes before they expect everyone else to do it for them, take responsibility for your children, be a father figure, deal with your black wifes, don't run away from them, another thing, stop calling yourseves African Americans, you was born in the usa, your Black Americans,

    The Utility GuyThe Utility GuyДень назад
  • POS!

    Mike PetersonMike PetersonДень назад
  • blm is a marxists-communist organization, they say they believe, (check their website), that 'cis-gender' is bad (that's normal identification btw), the normal-family unit is also bad. Don't be fooled. George Floyd held a gun on a pregnant woman's stomach, and he should have been shot/killed the night he did that. blm is a lie.

    W C GuyW C GuyДень назад
  • More white people get killed by police than black people... do you see the picture? of course not...

    Bob SarmientoBob SarmientoДень назад
    • True, and that's why more white people should also be protesting and rioting; in support of BLM and in support of themselves. Defunding the police helps us all.

      Tommyo BTommyo B23 часа назад
    • no they dont💀 their is also 3x more white people in the US

      Cadrian BartonCadrian BartonДень назад
  • Stop playi

    Rick HalenRick HalenДень назад
  • learn to read and write ....we talk later . and if u dont like it , go home . easy and simple , i imagine u AWAY

    Elian TruthElian Truth2 дня назад
  • They're on a mission to create more division between minorities and the white middle class and this is of course a conspiracy, but most of us know who fund these organizations and these are not black people but very rich white 'super class'.

    Alex HerczegAlex Herczeg2 дня назад
  • i dont need special attention . i DC ont worry a out cops i just got 2 car loans

    Royal FlushRoyal Flush2 дня назад
  • neither have i and im black you got white guilt buddy

    Royal FlushRoyal Flush2 дня назад
  • and she also was a big time drug dealer

    Royal FlushRoyal Flush2 дня назад
  • also it’s hard for arab people who live in america, they get death threats, and physically hit and verbally abused its disgusting but right now we are taking about blm because cops think they have the right to do these things when they don’t, they don’t understand how black people suffer everyday because of them we other races need to let them know it’s not ok, and there are some cops who agree with us and that’s good but most cops don’t and we need to tell them what’s right otherwise this will never stop!

    blinkSTANblinkSTAN2 дня назад
  • When whites are kissing minorities feet, that isn't equality. When Seattle calls only white employees to city hall to tell them their skin colour is a crime no matter what they've done and need to experience oppression, that isn't progress. When "whiteness is violence" flags are waved by BLM protesters, that isn't anti racist, that's racist. When democrat politicians defend and justify the arson, looting and destruction of the country, It's not peaceful. When innocent police officers are attacked and killed and told "all cops are bad" regardless of their skin colour or what they've done, its not about love. I absolutely want equality for people of all colours, but what the vast majority of the BLM movement has become now is no longer about progress or equality at all, It's gone too far, it is about superiority.

    Mike TesticleMike Testicle2 дня назад
  • No hate but if they had a Warrant then they can look at they house and if the guy shoots first those police have a reason to shoot

    Austin _ VlogsAustin _ Vlogs2 дня назад
    • the guy didn’t shoot

      Cadrian BartonCadrian BartonДень назад
  • Why does it have to be a race thing though. THAT is the problem. The point is there are COUNTLESS ways to break down police brutality, but you CHOSE race. You can chose sex, age, marital status, employment, education, mental wellbeing etc. But no you chose race. What does that say? Sure black communities have less privilege, but what makes you think that BLM of all causes has the solution? Why does a black life only matter when it ends at the hands of police? What about all the other ways the lives of black people are ending? Maybe you can stop reacting and start thinking.

    Andre CostinAndre Costin2 дня назад
  • All lives matter

    Bluz BluzBluz Bluz2 дня назад
    • all lives can’t matter til black lives do.

      Cadrian BartonCadrian BartonДень назад