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  • Beshaq

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  • Beshaq

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  • Beshaq

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  • love mecca and caaba 💚💚🕋🕋☪

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  • Baldness is important for umra for male but I this video male have hairs on their head [Sorry my English is not good]

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  • I'm very thankful that I'm Muslim

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  • i am so lucky ..i am a muslim

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  • I loved the night in this because I love stars and space and the stars looked really pretty🌟⭐

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  • 🕋 SubhanAllah.

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  • my biggest wish to see micca and madina

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  • Should I hide My plan from Abruhám?' YÁOHU UL asked. 'For Abruhám shall become a mighty nation, and he will be a source of blessing for all the nations of the earth. And I have picked him out to have upright offsprings and a noble household, men who are just as well as upright - so I can do for him all I have promised.'

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  • They were tears in my eyes the experience was so surreal. Thankyou

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  • احب قناة الحرام

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  • i'm atheist but thx for music and editing this was good little movie

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    • @Michael Lidster ok boomer

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    • What you believe is irrelevant. Your belief changes nothing.

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    • Same ,me too

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  • Wao What a management ..by arbi brothers MashaAllah....taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum

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  • The Qaba is extraordinary, but the Clock Tower now makes Mecca look more like Las Vegas than a holy city. The Saudis destroyed its holiest.

    Alex ShelbyAlex Shelby4 дня назад
    • Please don't compare Makkah with Las Vegas

      choi Jonghochoi Jongho2 дня назад
    • I don't think so 😅

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  • Альхьамдулиллахь!!!

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  • Allah Hu Akbar

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  • This was supposed to be propaganda for the Kibbeh and the nice building they have built. But I saw a tiny bit of Kibbeh what the nice building have to do with the pillar of the Islamic faith?

    Offbeat Media: Farshad FarrokhzadOffbeat Media: Farshad Farrokhzad4 дня назад
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  • First HOUSE to worship ONE GOD ALONE ever built is extremely addictive. Once any person goes there, wants to visit again, and again, and again, and, never gets tired. The only place on Earth that is exclusively reserved for spiritual ecstasy without any distraction of worldly affairs. No clubs, no amusement parks, no lewd TV, nothing, just Praising and worshiping The Creator ALLAH The GREAT.

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  • Really well done. Thank you.

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  • Love Allah Nabi Quran 💖💖

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  • Masha-Allah

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  • لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين

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  • Subhan Allah

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  • When you realize you can move screen with your fingers also

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    • pc cursor

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  • I likes these kind of videos

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  • Black stone look like hindu believe god shivlinga , if u not believe on me plz search on google Shivalinga and after seen black stone of maka

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  • the mecca clock tower is a direct affront against allah!

    abu sin al dajjali munafiqi saddasdabu sin al dajjali munafiqi saddasd6 дней назад