The Female Problem Of Marvel

Captain Marvel 2 is officially announced with an inexperienced writer and no director attached. Exciting
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  • The most frustrating thing about Captain Marvel is that in her own movie there are few points where she is fun and likeable character but then goes on being this angry and annoying stereotype most of the time. I just don't get how they fucked up her character so bad. And if they want to make her character have both of thoset atributes, Brie has enough range to do that... But they just don't get it. It's fucking frustrating.

    Valtteri ManalaValtteri ManalaДень назад
  • Seems to me if Fiege didn't have time to talk about all these things, he is really bad at time management, else the alternative would be he isn't talking about them as very little has actually been done on them besides giving it a name & provisional go-ahead. It is like he thinks people are going to get giddy at the prospect of them making a movie without knowing anything about it including its title.... I think those days are gone.

    mark undefinedmark undefined3 дня назад
  • Should I still raise my hand if I’m looking forward to the dumpster fire that will likely happen?

    LastedestinyLastedestiny3 дня назад
  • And Disney bought a shit ton of tickets. Movie theaters were empty.

    KryptonBorn1KryptonBorn15 дней назад
  • Do people not read comics? Everyone hates Carol in the comics she is a bitch.

    ShaddowkhanShaddowkhan5 дней назад
  • islam activist?, Islam ACTIVIST?, Who, Who....WHo the fuck asked her ?, As a muslim, We dont need fuckwits "looking"out for us.

    Manaf&ArtManaf&Art7 дней назад
  • She's pro Iran. And she calls herself feminist! Like life for women is so much worse in America than in Iran, right?!

    Vinicius PassosVinicius Passos8 дней назад
  • I would love this one to go full woke like never before. It will be forever the worst performing movie. I want that attached to Brie's name.

    ThomasThomas8 дней назад
  • Captain marvel sucks Brie Larson is easy to hate very unlikable her costars didn’t like her. Brie Larson on top of that she uses her platform for sjw/woke agenda yup just what we need another actor telling the general public about social issues fuck her and fuck pc culture.

    Jorge PerezJorge Perez8 дней назад
  • The words "avid comicbook reader", "massive nerd" and "passionate geek" never applies to psychotic feminazis

    It's all good manIt's all good man11 дней назад
  • I find it amazing that these low-life fucktards at Marvel/CBS/Disney/Lucasfilms/etc... are starting to make me hate my own gender.... As a woman, I'm appalled and disgusted by all this feminazi and woke garbage going on and being shoved down our throats and thrown at our faces !

    Hikaru MidomiyaHikaru Midomiya12 дней назад
  • Wanda vision is disaster in making. Loki's gonna be the hit unless they find a fuck it up. Black captain America won't work too.

    CHINMAYACHINMAYA12 дней назад
  • Lol I'm already predicting how everybody's gonna hate this 'new phase' just like they've hated that new ghostbusters movie.

    adeadelf - ABadeadelf - AB16 дней назад
  • Nobody excited for Capt Marvel 2 Everyone excited for Brie Larson speaking on the marketing in public Lol

    6Man6666666Man66666616 дней назад
  • Manbabies crying that captain marvel2 will fail. But when it'll become a hit, they'll start their own agenda like DisNeY bOugHT TicKetS, smh.

    Noel SrxNoel Srx16 дней назад
  • I just coughed some blood... thx captain marvel...

    MsSharondenadelMsSharondenadel16 дней назад
  • Black Panther is my favorite movie and I really don't want to see the movie.

    Anthony HortonAnthony Horton18 дней назад
  • With the direction of the MCU revealed already, I think we all agree that Endgame was the END! Thank you. Good night.

    kevrulz06kevrulz0618 дней назад
  • Well, sexual appeal is important to draw new and returning audience. They won't be able to do that with that new hair cut she had in Endgame.

    cobra888cobra88818 дней назад
  • Cap Marvel made 1.billon cos everyone wanted to see it before endgame

    De MihailisDe Mihailis19 дней назад
  • I might sound dumb here, but I theorize that Marvel is releasing Black Widow now so that when it fails financially they can argue that it's because of "White Males."

    Mr. FoxHatMr. FoxHat19 дней назад
  • Anyone else over these self-inflated blowhards regurgitating the same tired 30 year old insults at what was, in the end, a highly successful film and will undoubtedly be a highly successful franchise??? Watched one minute of this video. Just one. Hey, douchbag, how about you shut up and give us a smile?

    Brandon PecinaBrandon Pecina19 дней назад
  • It’s sad. Companies take advantage of particular groups because of how they feel marginalized. A minority/woman/LGBT director looks good for advertising and makes the groups happy, but they are getting milked for money. There are situations where I do understand preferred identity directing, I think they wanted to make black panther like that so that the film feels right for the intended audience. Other than that they are milking people

    Tendai BallTendai Ball19 дней назад
  • Female centric... what about wonder woman, Charlie's angels (the old version) haven't nor care to see the new one, catwoman, etc

    David MedinaDavid Medina19 дней назад
  • Pro Islamic and women rights ...makes no sense at all since a wemon is only worth half a man in the Quran and it takes 2 male witnesses to believe a rape victim in Islamic sharia law !!!!!!!

    DrcottontailDrcottontail20 дней назад
  • Brie Larson makes Captain Marvel appear more like a super villian rather than a super hero.

    Jon SnowJon Snow20 дней назад
  • You can probably toss in Disney in general and start talking about the agenda pushing, in your face garbage we've seen in Captain Marvel, End Game, Last Jedi, and Force Awakens. The original Star Wars was amazing and did with right with Princess Leia. Everything today is pure Disney bull shit.

    FunkyBobFettFunkyBobFett20 дней назад
  • Marvel: oh hi, I see you really enjoy my movies, ready to see captain marvel? Me: but what about black widow or Scarlett witch? Both of them are more attractive as well as are more developed characters that you can easily make into a movie that can sell like hot cakes (as your previous movies have been) and your making your first female debut on a character that hasn’t had a liking in your own comic book fan base? Marvel: well...the reason why we have her going first is because she’s going to be important in endgame. Me: (skips captain marvel and went straight to endgame) dafuq? She is so damn overpowered and she was absent for the past four avengers movies which at least two of those four she could’ve been useful in stopping an invasion led by an ice giant or helped stark, tGotG, or everyone else in Wakanda to slow down thanos and she NOW decides to help out the avengers despite KNOWING that thanos is a threat that needed to be taken care of AFTER the damage was done?! What if she was also turned to ash by thanos’s snap? Marvel: I know you have many questions but are you ready to see black widow having her own movie and Scarlett witch having her own series on Disney +? Me: I’m glad you are finally doing that but why haven’t you made this before infinity war if the movie takes place in between civil war and infinity war?

    donald deluxedonald deluxe20 дней назад
  • Can't wait to buy A $20 seat at the theaters to watch your Captain Marvel 2 ..I'm so Happy about your new movie .I'm even going to treat all my Friends at work to you movie Captain Marvel 2 and I'm paying for all $20 Seats for my 7 friends at work.. thank you Brie Larson you kick ass. ... And you have Ass .😘

    Joseph CienegaJoseph Cienega21 день назад
  • We Love you Brie Play and poetry Captain Marvel excellent. Don't worry about all rhese. Hater's..their just jealous of your Success and Beauty.amd tour Millions. You are now Officially the Avengers new Team leader.great job. Most Powerful Avenger. "THE BATTLE SHIP DESTROYER"..hope you Destroyer another big Battle Ship in your next movie Captain Marvel.. .😁...No Disrespects Brie Larson But For A white girl you Have Ass..😋

    Joseph CienegaJoseph Cienega21 день назад
  • Brie Larson the biggest cunt/whore in Marvel today

    Wayne MillerWayne Miller22 дня назад
  • I want to see Brie Larson naked !

    Philip HolmesPhilip Holmes22 дня назад
  • Didn't watch one can imagine why I be watching two

    QuetzalcoatlOdinQuetzalcoatlOdin23 дня назад
  • I watched Just Mercy last night, Larson ruins every scene she appears in. She is a hack and has no depth or character to her 'acting' I gave her the benefit of doubt in Captain Marvel, but in both films she has zero chemistry, charisma, charm or edge. She is unlikeable in the worst way, in the I don't I care way. I will skip every movie she appears in from here on in, she just doesn't have anything valuable to bring in her acting skillset.

    messianicroguemessianicrogue23 дня назад
  • Am I the only one who doesn´t give a fuck about gender? If the movie is good I will watch it, if it´s not I won´t.

    The SparkThe Spark23 дня назад
  • Yeahhhh, I’m going to go back in my corner and watch The Winter Soldier for the nth time. See you guys later.

    Allyssa VerdolagaAllyssa Verdolaga24 дня назад
  • Last I heard a few days ago, Brie showed her cleavage in some.. snl? i think.. Maybe someone told her, "guys, you know the ones that spend money.. like boobs."

    Nataph LegacyNataph Legacy24 дня назад
  • What Disney needs to do rather than leashing Brie is to just let her go and replace her with a new and different actress who’s not so political and just as beautiful as Brie. I know she has a contract, but just pay her off to leave.

    TJ FicarrottaTJ Ficarrotta24 дня назад
  • Someone called me sexist because I don't like captain marvel even though I said it's because she's over powered

    Stormtrooper LegoStormtrooper Lego24 дня назад

    crypto hodlercrypto hodler24 дня назад
  • Fuuuuck Captain Marvel. The character is tragically boring. The actress is insufferable. Fail.

    Collin KendallCollin Kendall24 дня назад
  • Yuck.

    realarrealar24 дня назад
  • It didnt need to come out years ago, black widow SHOULD have came out before end game though. If you're going to kill off one of the oldest characters in the mcu, at least give her a movie first. Hell they could have tied it into end game instead of jamming captain marvel in right at the end like someone spitting on your meal as its served at your table.

    jebes909090jebes90909024 дня назад
  • They want to sell this movie so badly, in fact, that we are on the verge of seeing Brie Larson's best acting performance to date. But it won't be on the big screen. It'll be her, under studio orders, toning down on the holier than thou hatred she holds for a certain demographic within superhero fandom.

    John FruscianteJohn Frusciante24 дня назад
  • capt marvel is not trash, that no-ass brie larson is for sure.

    JarnBjornJarnBjorn24 дня назад
  • Patty Jenkins only had one feature length movie under her belt before Wonder Woman and that was Monster, starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. That was an Academy Award winning movie back when the Oscars actually mattered. You don't need to be experienced to be good at your job and Patty Jenkins is a perfect example of that.

    Tom NortonTom Norton24 дня назад
  • Cant damage Captain Marvel Brand.... it was dead last already. it has never been popular, only horny boys collected it and not for story content. much like She Hulk. Disney is killing Marvel, DC and StarWars as we know it. they brag about destroying ALL content that is pro for a strong male. Disney should be broken up.

    TJ NJTJ NJ24 дня назад
  • yep over 1 billion... my ass.. Disney bought out 50% of all seats for the shows. they then donated them or let them sit empty. Sold out for weeks lmao... Disney did the same thing for much of Star Wars. its a Joke.

    TJ NJTJ NJ24 дня назад
  • You guys are really terrified of women, aren't you?

    Dan KetchumDan Ketchum24 дня назад
  • Well done cheesy Lawson for being the most hated woman in the MUC ladies and gentlemen a round of applause

    Graham HutchisonGraham Hutchison24 дня назад
  • Captain Marvel is left wing regressive it’s sad most people don’t see that

    Lord Zander’s Soap BoxLord Zander’s Soap Box24 дня назад

    Big Dog StatusBig Dog Status24 дня назад
    • Brie Larson has big dick energy

      Big Dog StatusBig Dog Status24 дня назад
  • Make her lesbian too so it fill up all requirements of Hollywood trend

    S DS D24 дня назад
  • I've not seen CM1 till date, and I understood Avengers Endgame perfectly well. Captain Marvel 2 won't be getting my dim either. Sorry Mavel Studios

    Ohyouri& BlackOhyouri& Black24 дня назад
  • One problem I have with the captain marvel movie is that they try to go into politics over the Skrulls, painting them as migrants and good guys because "orange man bad." Last time I remember Skrulls were bad guys with only a few good.

    Eliel VladinEliel Vladin24 дня назад
  • Highly anticipated? Interesting... This film is not being made for me, so I don’t care.

    Vereena WilliamsVereena Williams24 дня назад
  • who cares pass on anything and everything with Brie , save your $

    daskarmandaskarman24 дня назад
  • I think Disney asked Larson to be a pain in public.

    tyshekkatyshekka24 дня назад
  • Kellu SueDeCOnnick (Clearly Belgian ancestry- explains a lot) is a uber-feminist, never-Trumper, pro-Iranian ans islam activist. In short: a traitor.

    Furor FrisiiFuror Frisii25 дней назад
  • When will we learn Brie was born : 'Lee'? I mean- lóók at her face. If this is no hormone-made 'woman', what is.

    Furor FrisiiFuror Frisii25 дней назад