Morbius Trailer - Marvel Spider-Man Scene and Venom Easter Eggs

Morbius Trailer, Marvel Morbius Spider-Man Scene, Venom 2 Easter Eggs. Tom Holland Spiderman Post Credit Scene and Marvel Spider-Man Sinster Six Teaser ►
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Covering new Morbius Trailer. Morbius Spiderman Scene, Marvel Easter Eggs, Tom Holland Spiderman MCU Crossover, Venom 2 Teaser. Spider-Man Sinister Six Teaser, Spider-Man Far From Home Post Credit Scene and Spiderman Homecoming Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs. Morbius Post Credit Scene Vulture Cameo. And Morbius characters explained.
There was also a Blade Post Credit Scene with a Morbius Deleted Scene from a long time ago. So this isn't the first time they've tried doing Morbius. I'll do more Marvel MCU Blade Movie videos when we get more details.
The next Morbius Trailer will have more of the story of the movie and the villain. And some more clues about the Morbius Trailer Spider-Man Scene.
Let me know if there are special Morbius Venom 2 and Spider-Man videos you want me to do. The Venom 2 Trailer will come this summer!

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  • Here's my Morbius Trailer video with Marvel Spider-Man, Venom and Sinister Six Easter Eggs. Post all your theories in the comments! It's all connected. Here's my new Avengers Iron Man Marvel Phase 4 video too!

    Emergency AwesomeEmergency AwesomeМесяц назад
    • emergency awesome! I’m a very big fan and look forward to watching your videos. Something interesting I found out via IMDB was that J.K. Simmons signed on to Morbius to yet again play J. Jonah Jameson. With all the confusion and speculation about where the Morbius movie fits into the MCU/Sony universe based on the trailers Easter eggs(Raimi Spider-Man “murderer” poster and the Keaton cameo), I believe that will be settled when we find out which “version” of Jameson that Simmons will be playing. Let me know what you think. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

      Timothy PiferTimothy Pifer21 день назад
    • It's starting to look like Spider-Man himself WILL be one of the Sinister Six. They set him up to be viewed as villain, and Vulture's ending in the first film really showed he was not a villain but someone who lost their way. Seems the same for Morbius - he's trying to cure a disease and ends up a lab rat...from what we see, it doesn't seem like he'll end the film being controlled by that blood lust. but rather will be in control of it. And venom, as we know, is def anti-hero enough in his films for peter to do that teamup. So I think the Sinister Six is going to be a Spider-Man led team to take on a bigger threat, where J Jonah Jameson gives the group the title Sinister Six bc whoever the big bad is is seemingly a good guy (osborn? doom? multiple villains teaming up?) Again, I'm thinking this Sinister Six movie is essentially a Spidey suicide squad.

      Jordon DepotiJordon DepotiМесяц назад
    • The movie looks better than I expected. No videos on Bloodshot with Vin Diesel? He's also a comic book hero.

      randomnobody playthroughrandomnobody playthroughМесяц назад
    • I had no idea that Morbius was coming out so fast. I guess that got by me. But I like Jared Leto in this role better than the Joker. I love that Michael Keaton shows up & to answer your question. I don't think we are going to see Maximum Carnage before we see a Sinister Six film. To me, it seems like they are fast-tracking the Sinister Six film. They may get to Maximum Carnage at some point but I really feel like Sinister Six will be here first. Great Video as always Charlie thank you.

      John MoghabghabJohn MoghabghabМесяц назад
  • Us: is this mcu? Sony: yes, but actually no

    MidnightCanvasMidnightCanvasДень назад
  • As it’s shows murder on spider man is because of the green goblin and doc oc but they don’t now the voters

    Chris PriceChris Price2 дня назад
  • After spidermans entry in the MCU I will believe anything.

    Anon ParsonAnon Parson4 дня назад
  • Its story development for the spider-verse. J Jonah Jameson looks the same in both universe.

    Anon ParsonAnon Parson4 дня назад
  • Daily Bugle with J Jonah should have news flash in every movie, as a motif.

    Kerry FurlongKerry Furlong4 дня назад
  • I hope Matt Smith is big, like Charlie predicts.

    Kerry FurlongKerry Furlong4 дня назад
  • Tyrese will get superpowers someday.

    Kerry FurlongKerry Furlong4 дня назад
  • They are going to introduce Blade!!!

    Carheem Cooke-ColemanCarheem Cooke-Coleman5 дней назад
  • I didn't care for Jared Leto as the joker but I think he will make an excellent Morbius.

    justified1970justified19706 дней назад
  • They better bloody do a Carnage Movie!!

    FortAwesome1974FortAwesome19746 дней назад
  • Maybe this is a new hybrid universe? Some kind of reality-Frankenstein's monster, or a canon chimera, if you will.

    Curtis LeBlancCurtis LeBlanc10 дней назад
  • Hmm. 30 seconds to MARS. 13:07 SPIDERMANS PICTURE n the Wall... MURDERER.. There making a SINISTER 6. so it will be SPIDERMAN VS SINISTER 6.

    Vladimir kyle RossmaneVladimir kyle Rossmane10 дней назад
  • Isn't the guy telling him his known him a long time from the third movies the scientists

    Paul RussellPaul Russell10 дней назад
  • ITs going to be a GREAT Marvel Year with all the NEw Movies Coming OUT and I cannot wait!

    af22raptor23503af22raptor2350311 дней назад
  • It's a bulk carrier. Oil tankers look completely different.

    Sudhakar SinghSudhakar Singh12 дней назад
  • #morbius is more like proper #batman.

    Malik Suleman AwanMalik Suleman Awan13 дней назад
  • they should introduce Blade through Morbius

    A HA H13 дней назад
  • Why do I have a feeling that Tobey McGuire is returning to Spiderman for this film

    ℕ𝕆𝕍𝔸ℕ𝕆𝕍𝔸14 дней назад
  • The Coronavirus

    Chubby BearChubby Bear14 дней назад
  • My theory is Sinister Six will consist of 6 villaims

    incog nitorincog nitor14 дней назад
  • Boy did I not get confused with Morbius and Morlun.

    IllogicalStuffIllogicalStuff14 дней назад
  • Morbius: Batman? Is that you? You lookin’ thin, bro. Michael Keaton is so awesome. And Jared Hill was amazing in Chernobyl.

    Dee EssDee Ess14 дней назад
  • 2:12 does anyone know who that guy is I give ya all a hint it from doctor who

    Pika Verse24Pika Verse2414 дней назад
  • It's good we need a new character like morbz,his different & can replace Spider-Man, They should just make it that carnage actually kills Spider-Man, Because of all the Spider-Man movies we've had all together, It's growing stale, We need 2-3 even four venom movies,on the 2nd or 3rd for the nerds we'll kill Parker off, & venom takes the more hero role because he's the best ever marvel character in the spider man worlds & comics, & we need at least 3-4 carnage movies that venom & Spider-Man is in, That's were carnage does what everyone wants to see,Spider-Man absolutely fuckin dead as stark,& never ever make another Spider-Man movie again.

    John TabarJohn Tabar14 дней назад
  • The orange jumpsuit worn by Leto, a lot of times brand new inmates wear orange. Maybe vulture breaks him out on his very first day in.

    VinnyLogzVinnyLogz15 дней назад
  • the return of the black costume would be fantastic!!

    chico locochico loco16 дней назад
  • I’m actually kinda here for the morbius actually looks decent.

    Lorelei CatherineLorelei Catherine16 дней назад
  • Can someone please remake this trailer using 30 seconds to mars - the Kill?

    Shane HodgsonShane Hodgson17 дней назад
  • cant blieve marvel can use batman now

    Alligator on a stickAlligator on a stick18 дней назад
  • emergency awesome! I’m a very big fan and look forward to watching your videos. Something interesting I found out via IMDB was that J.K. Simmons signed on to Morbius to yet again play J. Jonah Jameson. With all the confusion and speculation about where the Morbius movie fits into the MCU/Sony universe based on the trailers Easter eggs(Raimi Spider-Man “murderer” poster and the Keaton cameo), I believe that will be settled when we find out which “version” of Jameson that Simmons will be playing. Let me know what you think. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

    Timothy PiferTimothy Pifer21 день назад
  • Wait is this from Macy cause it’s got that voulture guy from home coming

    StartsWithAStartsWithA21 день назад
  • In the comics, Morbius is responsible for Blade having the ability to withstand sunlight and it is after this that he is first known as The Daywalker

    Aaron HaselrigAaron Haselrig21 день назад
  • The murderer painting is the spiderman of Tobey Maguire

    omar lopezomar lopez21 день назад
  • how the corona virus started..

    Mally ChinksMally Chinks24 дня назад
  • Morbius vs blade

    El YonnyEl Yonny24 дня назад
  • That does Tyrese have on his right arm? Some sort of apparatus I cant tell...

    Jason StewartJason Stewart26 дней назад
  • Morbius has always been one of my favorite antiheroes.

    the son of dormammuthe son of dormammu27 дней назад
  • I think spider man was in hiding for a few monthsbecause the grafititi looked warm out so I think vulture just got out of jail or something or it’s nothing to do with mcu cause of venom.

    Xavery ConcepcionXavery Concepcion28 дней назад
  • will he meet his girlfriend felisha hardy

    Barlos2xBarlos2x28 дней назад
  • I think the Spider-Man on the wall is meant to tell people that they “have the wrong guy” while assuming that spider-man killed Mysterio or why Mysterio “died”.

    Alexander SereyAlexander Serey29 дней назад
  • 2:12 Doctor Who easter egg

    Justin TounsiJustin TounsiМесяц назад
  • Morbius trailer is meh just meh. Could've gone with a different actor

    Bridget AsturiasBridget AsturiasМесяц назад
  • Morbius is way more scary looking then venom

    The phantomThe phantomМесяц назад
  • I think it will all lead to a mash up with venom carnage and Spider-Man but ultimately I think the morbius movie is a start for the new blade remake who will eventually aid spider man, venom and morbius against the sinister six. End credits of morbius could hint towards blade and venom 2 could hint towards a sinister six movie. Guess we will see

    khaleem bestkhaleem bestМесяц назад
  • 07:57. The special effect also looks a lot like the video game Dark (vampire based game) special effect for the main character.

    Marinus van ZylMarinus van ZylМесяц назад
  • Morbius vs blade

    Darryl WilliamsDarryl WilliamsМесяц назад
  • So thats the villian of this movie who tf the hero

    Hunter McDowallHunter McDowallМесяц назад
  • nothing change from first and second all the same idea , bring for us great action and good talk

    matayi tshipambamatayi tshipambaМесяц назад
  • Morbius Looks like venom and spiderman and Kurt LOL 3 people inside morbius

    Jason ChenJason ChenМесяц назад
  • I wonder if Blade will be reintroduced.

    John LuceroJohn LuceroМесяц назад
  • Notice the guys scorpion tatoo

    n o t a l k i n _n o t a l k i n _Месяц назад
  • they used the toby maguire universe picture

    John VillagomezJohn VillagomezМесяц назад
  • spiderverse, throw in some old spiderman actors, give me something i actually dont expect for once xD

    Darwin Project - Scrim & Tournament VaultDarwin Project - Scrim & Tournament VaultМесяц назад
  • Is he a villian

    Ganda NanoGanda NanoМесяц назад
  • Do you think Morpheus will be in venom to

    Jack AndreevskiJack AndreevskiМесяц назад
  • Maybe in the venom versus Tom Holland where is the old Spiderman outfit in 2002 the suit that was made in 2002 with Sam rain is trilogy

    Jack AndreevskiJack AndreevskiМесяц назад
  • I always wanted Andrew Garfield to be with our venom

    Jack AndreevskiJack AndreevskiМесяц назад
  • Great ! I always wanted to see batman gas Spider-Man in movies.

    Vijay SinghVijay SinghМесяц назад
  • The other mcu characters won’t respond to the situation?

    Kiłł SśKiłł SśМесяц назад