Morbius Teaser Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailer

Check out the official Morbius teaser trailer starring Jared Leto! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: July 31, 2020
Starring: Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, J.K. Simmons
Directed By: Daniel Espinosa
Synopsis: Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead.
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  • I'm trying to find the version of this trailer without the music. Can't find it anywhere on RUproject. Could someone help me please?

    Cody Fairless-LeeCody Fairless-Lee13 дней назад
  • They lost me at Jared Leto being involved in the project whatsoever, let alone starring it. Can we stop giving this man a career he clearly does not deserve?

    Overlord ThrakaOverlord Thraka15 дней назад
  • 1:01 How Joker became Batman: the movie

    Shuvo SpeakingShuvo Speaking16 дней назад
  • Batman=Vulture Joker=Morbius Sony using a play out of DC's book

    The last View Ever!The last View Ever!17 дней назад
  • I like how they used the original movie Batman from 1989 saying "what's up doc?" to him.

    Watcher 693Watcher 69320 дней назад
  • Can somebody lock them up? I'm tired of this marvel movies.... All the same

    Enrico SilvestriEnrico Silvestri25 дней назад
  • the dude is 50 years old ladies and gentleman.

    hassan haiderhassan haider28 дней назад
  • By everything that is holy, STOP CASTING JARED LETO!!!!

    Javier LopezJavier LopezМесяц назад
  • dracula goes into the body of venom + batman together

    Navdeep SinghNavdeep SinghМесяц назад
  • I wonder what the name of this music song is in this trailer.

    Promoting Autism Awareness From ShaynePromoting Autism Awareness From ShayneМесяц назад
  • so basically a really big bullshit movie

    Roberto La GrecaRoberto La GrecaМесяц назад
  • *This is how Corona Virus started.*

    Victor GuiteVictor GuiteМесяц назад
  • What is Midjobs???

  • does this movie have anything to do with the underworld movies?

    DabaydestrianDabaydestrian2 месяца назад
  • PERFECT actor for Morbius!

    NoticeMeSenpaiNoticeMeSenpai2 месяца назад
  • this is how slits hold on to before they messed up.

    Ricoh YanRicoh Yan3 месяца назад
  • Me: Maybe this movie might not be as dumb as people think. The Internet: *BURN HIIIIIM!*

    GarrtoonsGarrtoons3 месяца назад
  • Comon bring the movie

    MALV2015MALV20153 месяца назад
  • Batman-Dracula Lame

    Sapere AudeSapere Aude3 месяца назад
  • I think he would have been a perfect villain to go up against Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

    905 Jay905 Jay4 месяца назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yes. Love the movies. 1:23 💝💕 👇👇👇👇🖤

    Stanley BoothStanley Booth4 месяца назад
  • Tobey's spidey has been marked as a murderer 👀

    Enrique FuentesEnrique Fuentes4 месяца назад
  • This corona virus should had happened.

    michael dominguezmichael dominguez4 месяца назад
  • 🔥🔥 MUST-MUST-MUST-MUST see 1:39 🔥🔥💃 👇👇❣

    Houston ButlerHouston Butler4 месяца назад
  • I literally forgot that Leto once played j*ker. If it wasn’t for the comments I wouldn’t remember.

    Perfect StormsPerfect Storms4 месяца назад
  • So... Joker become the 'bat-man'???

    Aig 00Aig 004 месяца назад
  • So is this like prototype or like a new venom like human hybrid? Or like a shadow person a person with dark magic or?

    Fun terra DysonicFun terra Dysonic4 месяца назад
  • Hyped for this one here

    STGSTG4 месяца назад
  • this is interesting

    Cali Dela RosaCali Dela Rosa4 месяца назад
  • Let’s hope he doesn’t send everyone dead bats 🦇

    Hristo MirchevHristo Mirchev4 месяца назад
  • Tobey maguerio

    Bir Bebeğin DünyasıBir Bebeğin Dünyası5 месяцев назад
  • Michael Keaton!

    Beeble BroxBeeble Brox5 месяцев назад
  • Awesome background score

    Robi ParvezRobi Parvez5 месяцев назад
  • Already a film on Coronavirus

    Harsh SrivastavaHarsh Srivastava5 месяцев назад
  • YES

    camcam5 месяцев назад
  • How this film gonna be without Peter Parker - spider Man. They just showed wall photos of spider Man.

    santosh kumarsantosh kumar5 месяцев назад
  • Keaton saying, "Got tired of doing the whole good guy thing, huh?" is beyond Deadpool levels of a quip.

    Roboco in the streets. AsaCoco in the sheets.Roboco in the streets. AsaCoco in the sheets.5 месяцев назад
  • L

    Koju MalawatKoju Malawat5 месяцев назад
  • When you watch morbius and then you realised that bats transfer the corona virus

    g gg g5 месяцев назад
  • Does this plot seem familiar to venom?

    Bryant CastroBryant Castro5 месяцев назад
  • fits him much better than joker, where he sucked

    Valerios SerasidisValerios Serasidis5 месяцев назад
  • hmmm .This reminds me somewhat of Count Dracule from the game Castlevaina lords of Shadow . This would be much better if he fights monsters with his capabilites instead of humans .Anyway, the author does what he wants for his produced movie.

    kemo kokokemo koko5 месяцев назад
  • I had two reactions to split second moments in the trailer, and otherwise could not have cared less about anything else. First I screamed aloud "MATT SMITH!!!" Then at the end I was like "Michael Keaton? Wait but that would mean .... and also... huh???"

    Andrew GeczyAndrew Geczy5 месяцев назад
    • Finally another comment about Matt Smith. I commented about that 2 weeks ago to no response

      JP StudiosJP Studios5 месяцев назад
  • So does Michael Keaton in the trailer prove that Venom is in the MCU? Or is it an alternate universe vulture... or is Morbius in the MCU and Venom isn't? DOubt that one.

    Andrew GeczyAndrew Geczy5 месяцев назад
  • This reminds me of that TV Show called the passage

    jadons21jadons215 месяцев назад
  • He also had a rare blood disease in Dallas buyers club

    Andrew RhodesAndrew Rhodes5 месяцев назад
  • So this is a Spider-Man but not a Spider-Man.

    H19H195 месяцев назад
  • At 2:03 you notice spiderman is labeled as a I guess this takes place after far from home

    Marwa AlkhalafMarwa Alkhalaf5 месяцев назад
  • badman。super man 。this is super hero in dc company n marvel 。。。。。morbius 。。now is change to virus kill all the word 。。pnuemonia。。far away cannot over change or create the new characters in the the marvel n dc 。。。who are not appear in the history 1秒前

    Ooi Keep khengOoi Keep kheng5 месяцев назад
  • Very very goodd🔥

    ZaffarovaZaffarova5 месяцев назад
  • Yes sir!

    DjJackyBDjJackyB5 месяцев назад
  • Yawn 🥱

    farkas007farkas0075 месяцев назад
  • The spider man wall at 2:03

    Lil BreezyLil Breezy5 месяцев назад
  • Am i the only one who heard fur elise?

    fasya 17lastfasya 17last5 месяцев назад
  • I love the humanity in the eyes and when pausing @ 2:21. It's very reminicant of Banner's first transformation in Marvel's Avengers and it makes me actually want to see a superhero horror film.

    Shane MerriganShane Merrigan5 месяцев назад
  • Honestly, what was most fun about watching this trailer is that I actually blanked when the Marvel logo showed up. So I watched this trailer fully believing it was a new, stand-alone vampire film. And even before I figured out that this was THE Spider-Man villain, I was intrigued by this movie.

    The Grim CriticThe Grim Critic5 месяцев назад
  • I'm smelling a Charlie's Angel's size flop here...

    Gringo MayoGringo Mayo5 месяцев назад
  • Soundtrack its just perfact 😜👌

    Julie PrescottJulie Prescott5 месяцев назад
  • Toby Maguire's Spiderman is coming back! Which most likely means they are leading up to an actual IRL SpiderVerse movie! 😱😱😱

    ShaBoyOuShaBoyOu5 месяцев назад
  • Marvels batman

    Atharva ShrivastavaAtharva Shrivastava5 месяцев назад
  • 2:04 The Doctor has somethin to say to morbius

    Hip Old ManHip Old Man5 месяцев назад
  • Damn!! This looks like..... like another mediocre garbage. Next time they'll make a film about that scorpion guy from that spiderman 90's tv show

    Саня Впорядке?Саня Впорядке?5 месяцев назад
  • ...omg, is "vampires, and inevitably, werewolves" coming back😖.

    17 7617 765 месяцев назад
  • Leto going from joker to this...sheeesh

    Evan WhiteEvan White5 месяцев назад
  • This looks awful.

    SacredThawingSacredThawing5 месяцев назад
  • And now i want to play castlevaenia. _.

    MAEN YOKMAEN YOK5 месяцев назад
  • Did I just see my man Tyrese?!?

    PugnaciouSPugnaciouS5 месяцев назад
  • You know what that means blade is gonna pop out in this movie

    Johnny savage Juicy JJohnny savage Juicy J5 месяцев назад
  • Jered Leto the vampire 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • The background music sounds familiar. Was it on my school's water purifier?

    blushfoxblushfox5 месяцев назад
  • ? 0:52 ?? ?

    Alfie MurrayAlfie Murray5 месяцев назад

    Crusader LadCrusader Lad5 месяцев назад
  • Nice Batman trailer

    Nic LamNic Lam5 месяцев назад
  • Plot twist:Michael Keaton is actually Bugs Bunny in a parallel universe directed by Christopher Nolan.

    Diwakar SaranDiwakar Saran5 месяцев назад
  • So............ Batman and Joker are in a movie together, huh? Cool.

    Jovilette EpoñaJovilette Epoña5 месяцев назад
    • Three reboots apart

      Jagath AjithkumarJagath Ajithkumar5 месяцев назад
  • When Joker found the "bat cave" and met the Bat Man

    Denver CrisostomoDenver Crisostomo5 месяцев назад
  • 2:32 what did he say?

    Code RedCode Red5 месяцев назад
  • Siniater six is ready

    Tuguy TekmenTuguy Tekmen5 месяцев назад
  • Morbios is evil in all spider man comics I read before when I was young

    lady buglady bug5 месяцев назад
  • Hes a Vampire...Spidermans vallian.

    lady buglady bug5 месяцев назад