Morbius Teaser Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailer

Check out the official Morbius teaser trailer starring Jared Leto! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: July 31, 2020
Starring: Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, J.K. Simmons
Directed By: Daniel Espinosa
Synopsis: Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead.
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  • I'm smelling a Charlie's Angel's size flop here...

    Gringo MayoGringo MayoДень назад
  • Soundtrack its just perfact 😜👌

    Julie PrescottJulie PrescottДень назад
  • Toby Maguire's Spiderman is coming back! Which most likely means they are leading up to an actual IRL SpiderVerse movie! 😱😱😱

    ShaBoyOuShaBoyOu2 дня назад
  • 2:02 spiderman 2:05 Peter Parker The hype is enormous!!

    ItzZengaItzZenga3 дня назад
  • Marvels batman

    Atharva ShrivastavaAtharva Shrivastava3 дня назад
  • 2:04 The Doctor has somethin to say to morbius

    Hip Old ManHip Old Man3 дня назад
  • Damn!! This looks like..... like another mediocre garbage. Next time they'll make a film about that scorpion guy from that spiderman 90's tv show

    Саня Впорядке?Саня Впорядке?3 дня назад
  • ...omg, is "vampires, and inevitably, werewolves" coming back😖.

    17 7617 763 дня назад
  • Leto going from joker to this...sheeesh

    Evan WhiteEvan White4 дня назад
  • This looks awful.

    SacredThawingSacredThawing4 дня назад
  • And now i want to play castlevaenia. _.

    MAEN YOKMAEN YOK4 дня назад
  • Did I just see my man Tyrese?!?

    PugnaciouSPugnaciouS4 дня назад
  • You know what that means blade is gonna pop out in this movie

    Johnny savage Juicy JJohnny savage Juicy J4 дня назад
  • Jered Leto the vampire 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • The background music sounds familiar. Was it on my school's water purifier?

    blushfoxblushfox5 дней назад
  • ? 0:52 ?? ?


    Ryan TeoRyan Teo5 дней назад
  • Nice Batman trailer

    Nic LamNic Lam5 дней назад
  • Plot twist:Michael Keaton is actually Bugs Bunny in a parallel universe directed by Christopher Nolan.

    Diwakar SaranDiwakar Saran5 дней назад
  • So............ Batman and Joker are in a movie together, huh? Cool.

    Jovilette EpoñaJovilette Epoña5 дней назад
    • Three reboots apart

      Punished 'Venom' SnakePunished 'Venom' Snake4 дня назад
  • When Joker found the "bat cave" and met the Bat Man

    Denver CrisostomoDenver Crisostomo6 дней назад
  • 2:32 what did he say?

    Code RedCode Red6 дней назад
  • Siniater six is ready

    Geralt Of RiviaGeralt Of Rivia6 дней назад
  • Morbios is evil in all spider man comics I read before when I was young

    lady buglady bug6 дней назад
  • Hes a Vampire...Spidermans vallian.

    lady buglady bug6 дней назад
  • I Hope This Movie Would also Get an R Rated or PG 13

    Kurt BertumenKurt Bertumen6 дней назад
  • When the Joker tries to be Batman

    oh khaeoh khae6 дней назад
  • When Fur Elise played... 💕🤙

    xin hannaxin hanna6 дней назад
  • 2:03 looks like Sam Raimi spider Man, or the Amazing Spider Man Painted on the wall.

    My5tic_G4mesTvMy5tic_G4mesTv6 дней назад
  • This is Jared Leto's redemption after Suicide Squad

    Stan RutkouskiStan Rutkouski7 дней назад
  • I told all of you that this will be better than birds of prey.

    Eder ManuelEder Manuel7 дней назад
  • Someone forgot to take the trash out

    Daniel TroyerDaniel Troyer7 дней назад
  • so basically Joker - Morbius Batman - Vulture Bane - Venom DCEU: am i a joke to you?

    UnrulyJamieUnrulyJamie7 дней назад
    • Ben Affleck- Daredevil/Batman Jk Simmons- JJ/ Commissioner Gordan

      Pandas are coolPandas are cool22 часа назад
    • All are joining Sony marvel

      Punished 'Venom' SnakePunished 'Venom' Snake4 дня назад
  • So no spderman eh??

    UnrulyJamieUnrulyJamie7 дней назад
  • Eddie Brocks venom should get ahold of flash Thompson, and Morbius + Venom versus spiderman would be amazing.

    Magma Ch33s3Magma Ch33s37 дней назад
  • This is gonna be as bad as Venom, I'm calling it right now

    Jeff DoyenJeff Doyen7 дней назад
    • Venom was not bad

      the grey jedithe grey jedi7 дней назад
  • Plot twist : The instrument crew is a big fan of plant vs zombie.

    Black No0bBlack No0b7 дней назад
  • Calling it now: Venom will be in the post credits.

    Fred ButlerFred Butler7 дней назад
  • Kis kis ko Hollywood movies trailer clicks pasand hai

    rkseries Hollywoodrkseries Hollywood7 дней назад
  • It'll probably be better than Venom but that's not saying much.

    RB MRB M7 дней назад
  • Aww.

    El Dewgz BorrachoEl Dewgz Borracho7 дней назад
  • Me and the boys getting jacked.

    Tharindu DhanushkaTharindu Dhanushka7 дней назад
  • Me and the boys getting jacked.

    Tharindu DhanushkaTharindu Dhanushka7 дней назад
  • For a sec (no, I don't know the history) I thought this was gonna be about Nightcrawler

    EmLee GeeEmLee Gee7 дней назад
  • looks like complete garbage.

    beatniecebeatniece7 дней назад
  • will make less than 80 mil worldwide

    iknow thisoneiknow thisone7 дней назад
  • We forgive you for your joker character

    GabeGabe8 дней назад
  • The vampire is hero 🤘 wtf

    jikimo Blogjikimo Blog8 дней назад
  • It’s weird that this is what is starting off the new phase

    Reem MeerReem Meer8 дней назад
  • morbius is a copy of man-bat from batman

    sd4rgjsd4rgj8 дней назад
  • What music is playing in background?

    lumti colonylumti colony8 дней назад
  • Wow nice joker....i like

    Night Owzy13Night Owzy138 дней назад
  • murderer spiderman 😳

    hatesixsixsixhatesixsixsix8 дней назад
  • The 11th doctor!!!

    Vinman777Vinman7778 дней назад
  • Marvel sucking up DC rejects. Mint.

    Guy JamesGuy James8 дней назад
  • Is doctor who also coming in Marvel because I noticed in Morbius trailer?

    Abhishek JainAbhishek Jain8 дней назад
  • Y'all know this a badass movie if the doctor pulling up in the tardis

    Anonymous GhostAnonymous Ghost8 дней назад
  • Quick question was morbius in snister six ever

    Louai HadjadjLouai Hadjadj8 дней назад
  • 2:05 So they even brought Doctor Who to deal with him?

    Mohamed FouadMohamed Fouad8 дней назад
  • I'm going to see this with my car club for sure!

    Tr Vlogs Car LifeTr Vlogs Car Life8 дней назад