Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Final Trailer

"At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are.” Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ #BlackWidow. In theaters May 1.
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  • Kab release hogi ye movie

    Flare FireFlare Fire36 минут назад
  • Can we admit this movie looks better then all of what dc has done and it’ll be better

    Jonathan HillJonathan HillЧас назад
  • Now that's a badass trailer

    Chan PrestoChan PrestoЧас назад
  • Poor Natasha... the least rank in Marvel superheroes finally got her own movie, and now Covid.

    chettra khonnchettra khonn2 часа назад
  • Is this divergent

    James GilbertJames Gilbert5 часов назад
  • If Hawkeye isn't in this movie I will -

    Random StuffRandom Stuff5 часов назад
  • Is it just me , or the villain really looks like PROPHET (from crisis) ; xD

    Mad MAXMad MAX7 часов назад
  • If I see a glimpse of the Red Hulk in this one, I will lose my mind!!! XD!

    Eduardo BetancourtEduardo Betancourt7 часов назад
  • It's good

    Shobana JShobana J9 часов назад
  • Post Credits Scene: “The Xmen is here!” *Spoiler Alert!*

    SpideyBoi GamingYTSpideyBoi GamingYT10 часов назад
  • I hope he analyses daredevil.

    Ward JuniorWard Junior11 часов назад
  • Hi, I’m from 2025, I hate to break it, but the movie isn’t out yet

    Kyle NgKyle Ng11 часов назад
  • Red Guardian!!! Taskmaster!

    The Merc With a AndroidThe Merc With a Android11 часов назад
  • Would be crazy if Taskmaster turns out to be future Natasha or something like that....

    Skullripper12Skullripper1212 часов назад
  • Blah blah

    Raif LondonRaif London12 часов назад
  • Hey... I see Budapest

    dratelectasisdratelectasis13 часов назад
  • I was thinking “this movie’s awesome” but then I remembered, “she’s dead”

    AustinDavisonTVAustinDavisonTV14 часов назад
  • i still dont know what are her powers? what does she do?

    Wahla SaysWahla Says16 часов назад
  • Black widow: coming in may 2020: we don’t do that here

    Blaziken KnightBlaziken Knight17 часов назад
  • 何があろうとも待ってるからな

    TkokiTkoki18 часов назад
  • Ow Jim Hopper there you are 2:13

    may ddvmay ddv19 часов назад
  • a

    crzycrzy20 часов назад
  • Spoil : taskmaster is the main character

    Log GravityLog Gravity20 часов назад
  • Marvel studios I inbox I believe melissa villaseñor from snl should play a superhero and she should be cast as squirrel girl she be perfect!

    David LindsayDavid LindsayДень назад
    • @elena lena they train together back in the day for 2weeks he went into her room and hang out with her

      David LindsayDavid LindsayДень назад
    • Do u know the relation between bucky barnes winter soldier and natasha ramanoff ??? The story full please

      elena lenaelena lenaДень назад
  • Yelena should have been in endgame final battle with all female army

    Siddharth ChauhanSiddharth ChauhanДень назад
    • We don't know if she survived this or she died which might explain why Nat dyed her hair blonde and used the same green vest Yelena is using in here.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelousДень назад
  • Taskmaster should be a falcon... He comes from future and save nate lyf

    Vignesh Kumar vVignesh Kumar vДень назад
  • We got 5 final trailers for this movie

    Wolf warriorWolf warriorДень назад
  • Who randomly came for the trailer? Me only

    Hiyaa PaulHiyaa PaulДень назад
  • I mean Marvel makes the best trailers and movies. Because I’m still watching this trailer.

    Wars of The StopmotionWars of The StopmotionДень назад
  • Plot twist: Black Widow is a paid actor

    I Am JohnI Am JohnДень назад
  • Captain America: The First Avenger Iron Man: The Smartest Avenger Thor: The Strongest Avenger Hulk: Stupid Avenger Black Widow: The Hottest Avenger Hawkeye: Also an Avenger

    TheN1ghtwalkerTheN1ghtwalkerДень назад
  • umm its July when's the new release

    Yusuf alaanYusuf alaanДень назад
    • November 6th, but that looking unlikely at this point. The pandemic is keep getting worse and America is shutting down again. It would just get worse during Flu season. I'll be surprised if we get at least one big budget movie this year.

      Frank SmithFrank SmithДень назад
  • Me just coming to see when this gets released so I can buy her literally God teir pickaxe in fortnite (Not saying I'm not excited tho to watch the movie tho)

    cOncuR HeathenzcOncuR HeathenzДень назад
  • I’d still watch the movie if it was just Natasha as a science teacher 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Hannah T.Hannah T.День назад
  • im l i v i n g for Nats white suit

    Ava VAva VДень назад
  • 2:22 insert Tyler the creators “so that was a f*cking lie”

    Jamie WilliamsJamie WilliamsДень назад

    JoyfulHDJoyfulHDДень назад
  • Taskmaster aka blacktian America

    thmuffinslayerthmuffinslayerДень назад
  • Laaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeee music!

    Dayton734 NoobDayton734 NoobДень назад
  • can we just have it?

    Benjamin WylieBenjamin WylieДень назад
  • She is alive?

    Marion Epiphany ChanMarion Epiphany ChanДень назад
    • Not exactly. This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War, a prequel.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelousДень назад
  • This had generated enough buzz to be a big Summer hit but now I guess its going to be a Christmas release or maybe next summer. Shame. People wanted to see a solo Black widow movie.

    Brajesh SinghBrajesh SinghДень назад

  • wait i just remembered this

    आयुष श्रेष्ठ - Aayush Shresthaआयुष श्रेष्ठ - Aayush ShresthaДень назад
  • Omg this music 😍

    Adel GabAdel GabДень назад
  • Imagine when that fuckin shield guy faces capt 🔥

    Zeeshan AhmadZeeshan Ahmad2 дня назад
  • Who is missing cap while seeing the sheild

    Ajay kkumarAjay kkumar2 дня назад
  • I would never imagine.... That waiting for may first would be this long.

    Yani SuryaniYani Suryani2 дня назад
  • They should just release it onto prime/sky and we'll buy it from there.. All this waiting man 😒

    Jodie Louise DawnJodie Louise Dawn2 дня назад
  • *IN* *CINEMAS* *MAY* *1* Me in May 1: 😟🤧😷🤢😵

    Very HappyVery Happy2 дня назад
  • Is it me or does the music kinda sound like the intro of she will by lil Wayne

    william salazarwilliam salazar2 дня назад
  • I feel like the only reason they gave her a movie is because Captain Marvel got one.

    Eternaldarkness3166Eternaldarkness31662 дня назад
    • Well captain marvel wasn’t a good movie this will be and st this point who cares she will probably get her own trilogy maybe even saga if you count the new black widow of the new black widow is good then she could get her own movies

      Jonathan HillJonathan HillЧас назад
  • I love black widow!!♥️💜 Hope her movie releases soon! Her moves her hair her beauty her style!!♥️💜

    Wadia IndiaWadia India2 дня назад
  • I hope this means she isn’t dead

    Madison AnnMadison Ann2 дня назад
    • This movie is set after Civil War and Infinity War, a prequel. Plus they confirmed that it will show why Natasha sacrificed herself on Endgame.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelousДень назад
  • I can’t wait for this movie, love the music in this trailer

    Jack MacJack Mac2 дня назад
  • Is that a shield I see Hopper???

    CalypsoSephiCalypsoSephi2 дня назад
  • is this before thanos? or someone took her from the past to the future or somethin?

    kitta tobiáškitta tobiáš2 дня назад
    • After Civil War and before Infinity War.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelous2 дня назад
  • Thank god that finnaly women got costumes that are not tight af, neither have high heels or loose hair (whitch is absolutely stupid for fight scenes btw)

    giuliana cescagiuliana cesca2 дня назад
  • Can we all appreciate how nat's superpower is being a badass and that immediately makes her superior, I rest my case😌

    zahra pandiezahra pandie2 дня назад
  • Natasha listen to ur mother

    Eko MojoEko Mojo2 дня назад
  • Yelena: enough Drumming intensifies

    Alex MorganAlex Morgan2 дня назад
  • Nobody say about Rachel Weisz, I mean she's not aging

    Enggels SebiatakoEnggels Sebiatako2 дня назад
  • Hopper got fat

    Ezekiel JacksonEzekiel Jackson2 дня назад
  • Yes it has David harbour.

    claire jinksclaire jinks2 дня назад
  • 0:04 I could ̶d̶o̶ watch this everyday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ChequeMateChequeMate2 дня назад
  • Finallllllly a movie about her

    Amanie OmarouayacheAmanie Omarouayache2 дня назад
    • Also i can tell this will be a big hit

      Amanie OmarouayacheAmanie Omarouayache2 дня назад
  • When I was growing up I looked up to Natasha as this strong badass woman who just didn’t care. I’m so glad she’s getting her own movie.

    Cara InceCara Ince2 дня назад
  • This might not only be her past story, maybe she survived( there has been many good theories). Maybe its part of her now alive telling her story from the past... if it was from the past wouldnt she still have her russian accent? She already had no accent so thats another reason to think she survived maybe.

    floppy wafflesfloppy waffles2 дня назад
  • welp, Hawkeye is now the only one without a movie

    Fidel WilsonFidel Wilson2 дня назад
    • @Frédéric Giguère wow I did not even know

      Fidel WilsonFidel Wilson2 дня назад
    • But he's gonna have his own show

      Frédéric GiguèreFrédéric Giguère2 дня назад
  • I am 100 percent sure this movie is gonna hit the box office.

    Muaaz KaziaMuaaz Kazia3 дня назад
  • hopefully someone will tell me what happened in budapest in this movie

    blinkyeilish9501blinkyeilish95013 дня назад
  • Just put it on Disney+ already

    overseer Miller0330overseer Miller03303 дня назад
    • @uncanny dcmarvelous better than the film keep getting delayed. It's not a guarantee that this film will come out in Novmber and the Pandemic keep getting worse.

      Patrick LangePatrick Lange2 дня назад
    • They'll lose a lot of money if they do that.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelous3 дня назад
  • Plz release it on Disney+hotstar

    Akshat GourAkshat Gour3 дня назад
  • Plz release it on Disney+hotstar

    Akshat GourAkshat Gour3 дня назад
  • they say RDJ will make a comeback but they never show.

    Rahul Prakaash VRahul Prakaash V3 дня назад
    • Just a cameo of Tony that may just be footage of a deleted scene of Civil War.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelous3 дня назад
  • Release it earlier before we die of Corona Virus 😭😭

    Priyad KPriyad K3 дня назад
  • Black Widow: I am done running Me: Try driving Looks taskmaster destroying using a tank Me: Well, your plan sucks

    Dark OrangeDark Orange3 дня назад
  • Marvel:black widow is delayed me:dying in the inside

    Augie OjedaAugie Ojeda3 дня назад
  • Hindi me avegi ke

  • Plot twist its actually Captain america i mean look a those moves And the sheild

    Jaron kyle PanganibanJaron kyle Panganiban3 дня назад
    • Well most of his moves seem to be based on black panther and spider-man. He probably based his shield throwing on cap

      Frédéric GiguèreFrédéric Giguère2 дня назад