Grateful Dead, absolutely rippin' "Sugar Magnolia~Scarlet~Fire" 3/27/88 Hampton, VA

The Grateful Dead perform "So What~Sugar Magnolia~Scarlet Begonias~Fire On The Mountain" on March 27, 1988 at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA. Brought to you by Less Than Face Productions.




  • Check out a fantastic "To Lay Me Down" from the same show!

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    • @bungalowwil ...and a smoker it sure was. Love to hear memories since anyone under 35 has either never seen them or at least only through 1-10yo eyes(great in itself, but quite different) I didn't get many years or shows & had my first full tours worth of tickets when August 95' rolled around 😥& the freedom to use them including a spare for every show since making some ticketless head's day gave me nearly as much joy as the music. Tape trading was it's own unique & wonderful hobby filled with some of the most giving, trustworthy, just wonderful people I've ever encountered. I treasure my letters from those days & often wonder about many. Wonder if there's someone reading the letters I'd sent. Just reminiscing. Also, if not for the Dead as well as Dylan I may never have seen some wonderful venues that are sadly not with us. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼🎶

      Swamp YankeeSwamp YankeeМесяц назад
    • @Jay Nitz thanks jason , i sure enjoy that one as well , Bob never seemed to fail to crack jerry up ,he is a funny dude ,jerry when feeling well sure liked to laugh , i think lolo yodel has it on one of his tribute videos ,bob had a wrestling match with his mike after freeing on one of his wheel rotation simulations , just has jerruy in stitches , same time period also might not been hampton ...p.s. sure enjoyed some of the more recent videos like giants 6/17/91 it was the best all around concert i saw post brent jerry came fired up and ready to play ,guess the sound is so unreal because it was recorded by abc 48 track sound system which i think was meant for those thick vhs tapes but dont quote me on that ,david lemieux would fill you in best but i watched the whole thing last night and i remembered how wonderful an evening with the boys could be ,its worth setting the time away to watch on bigscreen in surround sound with someone you love me i chose my 150 lbs american bulldog, honorable mention the festival tapes ,last ten seconds of the hour plus video , the brokedown encore from breckenridge 87 which is only partial concert footage the last 30 mins or so . than the first 30 seconds from foxboro mass 87 and the super lame introduction that bob phil and jerry clown on the poor guy doing it ,cracks me the f up ...didnt mean to bend your ear ..too late

      big sadiebig sadieМесяц назад
    • @big sadie Perhaps this video from the night before?

      Jay NitzJay NitzМесяц назад
    • @Thomas Mittemeyer koi join jiidueud ruff if

      Shayne BumannShayne Bumann3 месяца назад
    • @John Doe Topps! Sup man? Happy 2020. Time be whizzin' by...

      Dennis CampbellDennis Campbell6 месяцев назад
  • Bobby! Damn.

    Mark UrkovMark Urkov5 часов назад
  • Boo yah!

    Ozenoz MediaOzenoz Media12 часов назад
    • Oopsy, my face just melted...

      Ozenoz MediaOzenoz Media12 часов назад
  • So beautiful

    capntripps9capntripps913 часов назад
  • Poor Cathy and her downhill battle with weight loss, but must we hear her woes during a Grateful Dead Show?

    Burr AndersonBurr AndersonДень назад
  • I got rid of all my tickets Maybe a friend will remember I think I was there?

    mini mousemini mouse2 дня назад
  • Hi, I'm Albert, Tom's avatar. They start off with Miles Davis, "So What" and Bobby can't follow along. It's cute. Jerry's nickname for Bobby was idiot goon child. Then a wonderful Sugar Magnolia! After a closer look it's obvious that Jerry is annoyed with Bobby. These two guys are like brothers and the body language tells it all. Jerry gives Bobby a guitar lesson in his own song.

    Tom PopeTom Pope3 дня назад
  • these songs make me wanto drop some acid

    Robert WRobert W3 дня назад
  • i miss Jerry ,but john meyer is cool too.

    Robert WRobert W3 дня назад
  • Jerry is definitely ripping it on this one. I graduated from high school in 88. I was already fallowing them in 85. There will never be another Grateful Dead like this time. NEVER!!!

    Chip ElderChip Elder3 дня назад
    • I graduated in 1990 I love this band Further and obvious Grateful dead hope phil lesh and frinds reunite with Bob Weir My favorite song is Uncle Johns Band !!!

      Robert WRobert W3 дня назад
  • Brent's singing completely makes this song wholesome.

    Cecilia WatkinsCecilia Watkins3 дня назад
  • what,a,freak,JERRY,WAS.

    jonatallmanjonatallman4 дня назад
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    Danny CollinsDanny Collins5 дней назад
    • Hello are you answering my questions

      Danny CollinsDanny Collins5 дней назад
    • High really alright today

      Danny CollinsDanny Collins5 дней назад
  • what about the Miles Davis song So What he was jamming to that was awesome

    Mark StevensMark Stevens7 дней назад
  • I was at the show the night before. Stormed like crazy before, during, and after the show. We came out and our tent had launched into a huge puddle of mud. Fun stuff.

    andrew mooreandrew moore8 дней назад
  • Why the actual f$!#k would you put ads in the middle of a grateful dead jam that goes together. I don't understand ehy people do that it's frickin stupid as hell.. You must have never seen them to do something so silly

    justin bondjustin bond8 дней назад
  • Rippin

    Michael BradenMichael Braden8 дней назад
  • Fuck you either way robert.

    Joseph QuartaroJoseph Quartaro11 дней назад
  • Trust but verify...signal processing errors are easy to transmit. Either thru mistake or sometimes thru intention. Is Jerry really dead or is he scuba diving on Maui today. Only the good lord knows for certain.

    Joseph QuartaroJoseph Quartaro11 дней назад
  • The early crude f53-jsr apparatus was present at this venue. So a significant node or portal was established here as well....the complete list of spacetime nodes will remain classified for strategic reasons. Those looking to access the "portals" open source should have plenty of luck with alpine valley 89(all three) and hampton va(also all three). Of course the initial use of the apparatus would be the most potent in term of potential energy reserves. Info request can be sent to my email

    Joseph QuartaroJoseph Quartaro12 дней назад
  • One of the lucky few who was there

    85OTKnights85OTKnights15 дней назад
  • Scott saw them 400 times, me only once Ally Pally UK 1974, I think. Waited for technical problems to be sorted then a wonderful concert. Highlight was standing near Bob Weir when he sang El Paso, a favourite of my Dad and me from the Marty Robbins single.

    Michael WellsMichael Wells18 дней назад
  • Jerry feeling it in Fire! Spreading hope he is! 😁💜

    gregg correllgregg correll18 дней назад
  • That next to last long Fire solo is super smoking hot!

    Dean ButeraDean Butera26 дней назад
  • zappa would blow garcia away at that time

    mike boultinghousemike boultinghouseМесяц назад
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    Alan StromAlan StromМесяц назад
  • everyone knows who the leader of the pack is

    nettle99nettle99Месяц назад
  • What's with the ads?

    Nathan BoppNathan BoppМесяц назад
  • Finally, a video shot from the perfect angle. 😿

    Seth WeissSeth WeissМесяц назад
  • Instrumental "Sunshine Daydream;" Cool beans...

    JA KJA KМесяц назад
  • Great version, but in terms of Weir, I think the mix is awful. In the period of 71/74, The separation in the mix between Jerry and Bob was great. Here it sucks. When you watch Weir you can see him throwing in little single line fills and you just can't hear them.

    Paul KarpPaul KarpМесяц назад
  • Exceptional, love it. Jerry before fire lighting up and diving in, watch him right after jive with brent. Perfection 👌🏼

    Joshua ZunigaJoshua ZunigaМесяц назад
  • HA AH ...Seperated from girlfriend now...awww ... never from the DEAD though...... built to LAST ha ah..... hey when I enlarge the does the sound not get larger 😃🚀😋..

    Adrian PetersAdrian PetersМесяц назад
  • Good intro using Miles Davis' So What at the end ...

    Andy MacdonaldAndy MacdonaldМесяц назад
  • Well i was too young to see Jerry play didnt have parents who took me but thank goodness for friends and i think it was ratdog or Phil n friends or the dead who had me hooked. and still loving Jerry to the point of chills n tears. God they r the best

    Kathleen BrownKathleen BrownМесяц назад
  • This is impressive

    Justin NardineJustin NardineМесяц назад
  • I hung with them for 8 years ,met Bobby & Philly first at Springfield mass. In1978,philly gave me 10 $ to drink up what I was drinking ,tequila that was a lot of shots when philly came back from doing this woman he new from before that’s when I met Bobby but he could c I was not into him jerry was always my man so we went up too there room & sat in on a Rolling Stones interview

    Bunny BeckmanBunny BeckmanМесяц назад
  • This mite b the show where I got him so high he couldn’t walk Steve parish gave me hell he was20 minutes getting out of the room he had private so we as in Steve had to carry jerry to the stairs then he told me not to come up on stage that nite

    Bunny BeckmanBunny BeckmanМесяц назад
  • I mite of been there we went every where with them Me & my niece who was Bobby’s girlfriend I was with jerry we ever he wanted me

    Bunny BeckmanBunny BeckmanМесяц назад
  • Jerry would play additional lines in his Scarlet solo whenever he was getting off on it. Good example here. And when HE was into it, the crowd was naturally close behind, extra-amped as well. Ah, those days..

    Dan FullerDan FullerМесяц назад
  • Wow ...You actually placed ads in the middle of the jams. That totally sucks. Thumbs down dude.

    Easy Aces Trading, LLC.Easy Aces Trading, LLC.Месяц назад
  • The Grateful Dead. Love em or hate em. I love em. This is incredible. If you don't like it, so what. SO WHAT.

    Eric HanhauserEric HanhauserМесяц назад
  • Love the rendition of the head to Miles Davis "So What" starting at 1:53.

    Mark GardnerMark GardnerМесяц назад
  • Ads right at the transitions. I understand the need for advertising but not right at the worst moment possible. Was completely absorbed & loving it yet some pointless 15 second ad that I couldn't even guess what was being advertised pretty much ruined the state of mind I'd been seeking & finally achieved. Rather donate $ than have such an obnoxious 15 seconds ruin a masterpiece. 👎🏼

    Swamp YankeeSwamp YankeeМесяц назад
  • Did anyone notice the Miles Davis riff at the beginning?

    Ryan PowersRyan PowersМесяц назад
  • It's all about chemistry. These musicians working together a perfect harmony. Makes fans stay fans a family forever.

    A.M.E. R.A.M.E. R.Месяц назад
    • Unless your one of the 457 deplorable ungratefuls

      Rick FRick FМесяц назад
  • My brother flew from SF to VA to see this gig. He had stopped following them around the country, which is how he spent his "gap" year😁 We had backstage tix to the last Dead show in the Bay Area before Jerry died. I had to call him at his law firm to let him know. He grabbed his bongos and headed to GGP to mourn with the masses...

    Amy BrownAmy BrownМесяц назад
  • Jerry and the guys cure depression. Seriously, try it. You can’t not smile.

    Brandon BourdonBrandon BourdonМесяц назад
  • The hippy beat i hate so much

    me & youme & you2 месяца назад
  • How I detest the dead.

    Greg AldridgeGreg Aldridge2 месяца назад
  • A favorite song sequence of mine.....very nice....

    Darrel KentDarrel Kent2 месяца назад
  • I'll never get the Dead. They are right in my wheelhouse, age-wise. I've bought several albums, wanting to like them. I know they are a jam band, but their jams always sound rambling and anything but virtuoso (compare them to The Allman Brothers Live At The Filmore). They are known as a harmony band, but they always sound flat (this is the big thing for me). None of the members has a particularly great voice. I'll never get it, although I've tried. I admit I've never used LSD.

    pwk22pwk222 месяца назад
    • @john hyde This is the vague description of their greatness I've never understood. But it's cool.

      pwk22pwk222 месяца назад
    • I guess their like marmite , love it or hate it. I happen to love it, marmite and the dead. since the late sixties, when I was a wee sprout. lost track of the shows thru the years, some outstanding, some eh? But when they hit on all cylinders it was magic. No acid required, but it did not hurt. Sure do miss jerry and pig and all the other keyboardist who are not with us today. Ahhh the memories, love these downloads.THX.

      john hydejohn hyde2 месяца назад
  • I unfortunately have to disagree with the comments on here stating that, just play this for anyone and they won't be able to help but see the light. In my 45 years of worshiping this band I can count on one hand the number of people I've successfully turned onto the Dead to any degree at all. Like Jerry once said, the Dead are like black jelly beans - most hate 'em but those who love 'em REALLY love 'em. And there's no way to guess whom it will be. And honestly, I think a whole lot of people can't get past the shaky, or at the very least unconventional, vocals. Plus the extended jams just aren't i line with a lot of people's sensibilities. Both my sons had both those problems. I gave one son Wake of the Flood because I thought it would be the most accessible for him, and he thought it was so awful he actually wondered if it was a practical joke to torture him - if you can imagine such a thing...

    Al PailetAl Pailet2 месяца назад
  • A lot of things are super "on" in this performance but Bob's voice is really standing out.

    Mark BrowerMark Brower2 месяца назад
  • The genius is the seamless blending of country folk and JAZZ. JG is still a monster player in such a unique subtle way. No blues bending and wailing, just melodic ecstasy.

    BlazersaintBlazersaint2 месяца назад
  • Best show of 88' IMO what a great time it was!!!

    wolfs visionwolfs vision2 месяца назад

    JOHN DOEJOHN DOE2 месяца назад
    • @mini mouse yep

      JOHN DOEJOHN DOE2 дня назад
    • Because it is hippie music

      mini mousemini mouse2 дня назад
  • Never enough love for Phil, damn.... But go back and listen to Scarlet/Fire Barton Hall from 11 years before, or the 81 concert in Essen, Germany on youtube. They're a competent cover band at this point, , no joy in saying that.

    J. DonneJ. Donne2 месяца назад
    • Oh I think your getting off saying that....being kind of a dick I mean

      wolfs visionwolfs vision2 месяца назад
  • It is great when the Dead do stuff like this....liked the Miles tribute to introduce the show...

    johnnybsteelriffjohnnybsteelriff2 месяца назад
  • Wow just dont get it... But i respect your choice to dig it.... 💨

    Charles DeviseaCharles Devisea2 месяца назад
  • Saw them at Buckeye Lake and in Pittsburgh in 88 , my woman was pregnant with our first , Melissa , thanks to my good friend Andy

    P WelderP Welder2 месяца назад
    • Wait did Andy get your wife pregnant?

      adam bresnahanadam bresnahan2 месяца назад
  • Another.. miracle..... Thx for your help

    Jonathan BeckJonathan Beck2 месяца назад
  • Bobby is such an ass taking his sweet time getting ready to play. Jerry and Phil laughing at him is priceless.

    Tim EhrlerTim Ehrler2 месяца назад
  • I saw my very first show at the Omni three nights before this one The drive back to Oxford College of Emory seemed Like it took six hours

    Ron DanielRon Daniel2 месяца назад
  • Barely notice quarantine with this jam going

    antares6767 6767antares6767 67672 месяца назад
  • checking in as present

    Dennis YuskoDennis Yusko2 месяца назад
  • how many of you were at this concert in Hampton Va.....?

    StephenZ827StephenZ8272 месяца назад
  • garcia absolutely CRUISING!!!! YESSSS!!!!

    bryan smithbryan smith2 месяца назад
  • I must say, this is one of the friendliest, kindest message boards I've ever read. Listening to the Dead cheers me up right now (just lost my job), and reading through the comments section brightened my day even more. Peace, comfort and love to you all.

    Sam GainesSam Gaines2 месяца назад
    • @Sam Gaines Hypercapitalism has nearly destroyed humanity. But some of us humans refuse to be destroyed.

      Coyote de la NubeCoyote de la NubeМесяц назад
    • Jay Pitchford Thanks Jay! You’re right, there really are kind people in the world. Always seems like a surprise to find one, but there are more out there than I know. This comments page is evidence of that! 👍🏻 Hope you’re having a good one!!

      Sam GainesSam Gaines2 месяца назад
    • I hope you keep on trucking! Hard times, but there are kind people in the world. It’s a shame we have to look for them! 🎹😕

      Jay PitchfordJay Pitchford2 месяца назад
  • Man this is golden --- So great to see Jerry really enjoying himself and digging in a bit --- Much needed tonight !!!

    Rick MetzlerRick Metzler2 месяца назад
  • High san Francisco

    Keith ParksKeith Parks2 месяца назад
  • The "Heart of Gold" Band.

    David ParsickDavid Parsick2 месяца назад
  • Sorry: I mis-spoke. I meant OMG: Jerry!

    David ParsickDavid Parsick2 месяца назад
  • OMG: Bobby!

    David ParsickDavid Parsick2 месяца назад
  • God I miss these days!

    William McGrathWilliam McGrath2 месяца назад
  • Is this Mikey from Philly?

    scott giacalonescott giacalone2 месяца назад
  • why is this music me still making youg after all those years

    thijs thijsvanooijenthijs thijsvanooijen2 месяца назад
  • can't help smiling and dancing when you listen to this.....

    Russell ClarkRussell Clark2 месяца назад
  • 7:30 Bob Star

    Allan FifieldAllan Fifield2 месяца назад
  • The year after this they played Hampton, VA. as "The Warlocks". Both of these were excellent shows. The band and the fans really showed Hampton Virgina a good time!

    Dave SchrokoDave Schroko2 месяца назад