EA NHL evolution [1991 - 2019]

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NHL HOCKEY is the first NHL game released by EA in 1991 on Genesis / Megadrive. Find in this video the evolution of all NHL games from 1991 to today with NHL 1.
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  • cool

    Philippe ForgetPhilippe Forget52 минуты назад
  • So NHL 06 was the strike season. I'll remember that.

    williamhowe1williamhowe121 час назад
  • I konw all goal is the winner for standey cup

    Xx_Villager12_XxXx_Villager12_XxДень назад
  • Great 😁 I FEEL MY OLD TIME 😄

    DancikBeatsDancikBeatsДень назад
  • For 2001 shouldn’t it have been Dallas vs Buffalo?

    BeanPlaysPianoBeanPlaysPiano2 дня назад
  • And now NHL 20

    Toxic 29Toxic 292 дня назад
  • We’re definitely in a simulation. This proves it. Great video!

    Monzter MoviesMonzter Movies3 дня назад
  • I played '06 '09 and 2020 big gap

    EnergyEnergy3 дня назад
  • It looks the same for NHL 9 and up this shows that EA doesn't take pride In any NHL game that they release.

  • I had 99, 11, and now 20 1 game almost every 10 years and I see the evolution clearly lol 😂

    Slim3303Slim33034 дня назад
  • Lol NHL 9

    Ryan PlaysRyan Plays4 дня назад
  • i preciate

    james milburn 3james milburn 34 дня назад
  • Dude either the Blackhawks or the Red Wings were my go to teams.....Roenick, Yserman were lights out back in the early days

    D PD P6 дней назад
  • Now 20 2020 of NHL

    YT_OGDIANMOD 1.YT_OGDIANMOD 1.6 дней назад
  • I have 12 18 19 20

    Karter DowningKarter Downing7 дней назад
  • Where’s St. Louis?

    Yeltz VideosYeltz Videos7 дней назад
  • Slapshots hits me 😢😢

    Xela BoutetXela Boutet7 дней назад
  • EA Sports,...it's in the game. Pretty much my only vocabulary for a longgggg time

    Joshua RehalukJoshua Rehaluk8 дней назад
  • They’ve been using the same crappy engine since like 2014. Time to move on. We want Red Dead Redemption graffics

    Brett GiffordBrett Gifford8 дней назад
  • Um 2002 looked so good

    Aren MooreAren Moore8 дней назад
  • You forgot legacy edition

    Papu_ lassikkaPapu_ lassikka8 дней назад
  • These games was the stuff for years after nhl 13 it went down hill even tho 14 was good tho

    Captiankirk gamesCaptiankirk games9 дней назад
  • 11-19 is the same game. My favourite NHL games were NHL 2k6 and 2k7, the amount of in-depth stats was amazing, was also many many cool features like a lounge where you could walk around and play various mini games, could play all different sorts of arenas as well including pond hockey, could create your own arena and jerseys and there were way more game modes.

    Wiji RSWiji RS10 дней назад
  • When 1991 was more realistic than 19....

    Angryfarmergamer21Angryfarmergamer2110 дней назад
  • oh my god

    Nathaniel LambtonNathaniel Lambton10 дней назад
  • S

    G MoneyG Money11 дней назад
  • No evolution since 15

    birdo623birdo62311 дней назад
  • NHL 2001-09 for the PS2 were the best hockey games ever made in my opinion.

    AndreNickatlnaAndreNickatlna11 дней назад
  • Yea you know I was on the cover of 02 so yea keep buying em , royalties f*#cking all star

    Dany HeatleyDany Heatley12 дней назад
  • I believe I played 96 back in the day on my cousin’s genesis. Always remember liking it even though I knew nothing about hockey. My cousin died of an overdose a few years back. I bought nhl20 today and used the ‘94 controls to take me back to the good old days.

    Ross MillerRoss Miller12 дней назад
  • Nhl 14 looks way better I have it

    Gb’s own Channel GamingGb’s own Channel Gaming14 дней назад
  • What's the interest to play such a game? I do understand shooters (the result dpends on your skills like reaction, attention, tactics etc if u want to hit the target) or driving/flight simulators (depends on how accurate you use your keypad or special wheel, etc. - this really a skill!) strategies and RPGs, etc. But here, OMG. Just press several buttons to chose the right player and algorithms will do the rest and somehow chose either to shot in the corner or between legs or somewhere else! The goal does NOT really depends on you, just some combination of assists and moving on the ice between stupid AI defs (they do almost nothing to block your shot). Where is "strenght" of player's shot? Right direction? False attemp to shot? false maneuver and movement? smart assist (when YOU chose how to assist) and many other real elements of hockey. May be it's better to creat a simulator when you play just one player? All these 'simulators' f hockey and football looks silly...It's better to buy table hockey and play with friends and beer

    Sergio BalashovSergio Balashov15 дней назад
  • only here cuz I won huge off this game. just tailed www.sportsmodelanalytics.com picks

    Cleidson BrunoCleidson Bruno16 дней назад
  • vocjornejm

    Michal HokejistaMichal Hokejista17 дней назад
  • Lol, the Dats backhand, bad angle goal on the Pens. Classic EA.

    Trent SouthTrent South17 дней назад
  • All the NHL video games look the same since the early 2000s.

    Adam KucharskiAdam Kucharski18 дней назад
  • NHL 06 is the first game for me. I consider it legendary. Much later i see how many mistakes included in the game. But that bad things is covered with feels of nostalgy. There were Mark Messier(Free Agents) and Mario Lemieux else. But later after nhl 09 serie was dead for me unfortunately. Hope to return on my pc new versions with new players like old good times. NHL 2002 looks good especially for that time

    Егор КларкЕгор Кларк18 дней назад
  • I miss the 2000’s 😪 I remember playing nhl 06 on my GameCube good times and when I got bored of hockey I put on pac man world 3 and Mario kart double dash and now I’m older and hate my life

    Nighthawk 95Nighthawk 9519 дней назад
    • I was 21 then lol

      Hugh TahoobHugh Tahoob18 дней назад
  • 1. NHL Hockey - NHL `96 2. NHL `97 - NHL 2000 3. NHL 2001 - NHL 2003 4. NHL 2004 - NHL 2006 5. NHL 2007 - NHL 2010 6. NHL 2011 - NHL 2014 7. NHL 2015 - NHL 2019

    K. R. K.K. R. K.19 дней назад
    • Wrong NHL 94 is king

      Hugh TahoobHugh Tahoob18 дней назад
  • Besides the really close ups, I can’t tell a difference between ps3 and ps4 graphics. And the newer generation consoles wide angles look too bright/white. It looks like EA doesn’t really care about making a NHL game these past few years. The earlier ones look better. And I’ve never really played hockey, so I don’t have a bias for any year or generation. Shame on EA.

    DoubleJDoubleJ19 дней назад
  • nest hockey game I ever played has to be NHL RIVALS 2004 on the original xbox. and by msn sports.

    richard prevostrichard prevost20 дней назад
  • Each year the graphics got better as the game became less fun.

    Kevin H.Kevin H.20 дней назад
  • Idk if it was on purpose but you mist the PS3 NHL legacy edition

    Nothing yetNothing yet20 дней назад
  • Nhl 03 ❤

    Maury HolmesMaury Holmes20 дней назад
  • I played NHL 99 and NHL 15. I considered ‘20 but looks literally the same game.

    Luis VLuis V21 день назад
  • In 2018 you always had to hear the virtues of using the butterfly.

    13jorino13jorino22 дня назад
  • Damn he sirens gets better and better!

    TribornTriborn24 дня назад
  • My hockey is nhl09

    Kārlis ŠilskisKārlis Šilskis24 дня назад
  • My god NHL 97 on PS1 was soooo epic.. The superstars had special signature moves.. You could quickturn in front of the goalie and he would dive(EVERYTIME) so we muda a rule in our crew= you had to One-Timer it on goalie dives. WE GOT GOOD. The problem was we all wanted to be The panthers as we we're in south Florida. So we made a Rule that only the champ got to be the Panthers and we all made second teams and this carried over (for all of us) into us becoming fans of other teams.. **best thing we did was Our champion had to defend once a week to the #1 contender. our crew was 5-6 players deep. *KIDS, LEARN FROM THIS PART~ ~Our champion got a champion bracelet(one of those corny gummy ones) but it was worn w/ pride.. ***The champ got a free night of drinking*** we we're all 17-20 and would party EVERY weekend. even if it was @ a Alehouse or whatevs= the champ would pay. It became a fun thing that we carried over to Maden and it lasted for 6 or so years until we all got married and whatevs…. *Why not put a extra incentive on being the champ of youre crew...

    C TC T26 дней назад
  • I’m so old I’ve owned all of these from The beginning lol.

    djithm3djithm327 дней назад
    • I respect all older fans no matter what team they cheer for

      Hugh TahoobHugh Tahoob18 дней назад
    • Me too Old Heads unite! Fug these zoomers lol

      Hugh TahoobHugh Tahoob18 дней назад
  • xD

    NuorottoNuorotto28 дней назад
  • Is it just me, or are the players in the new games oddly, square? Why do their outfits look so,, fat?

    FurryEskimoFurryEskimo28 дней назад
  • I love how NHL 18 and below have better lighting and shadows than NHL 19. How the fuck did it manage to make a step back in graphics? Also NHL 20 is a carbon copy of NHL 19 in every way.

    swedish_leasuretime_shedswedish_leasuretime_shedМесяц назад
  • Для меня серия умерла в 2008 году, когда вышла последняя версия для ПК NHL09 PC

    Антон СтаростенкоАнтон СтаростенкоМесяц назад
  • Очень плохо, нет возможности оценить графику, одни анимационные вставки, не зачот

    Kirill AlexandrovichKirill AlexandrovichМесяц назад
  • Who else had NHL Hockey growing up? That game was fun. I also had NHL 06.

    BigBeauf _____BigBeauf _____Месяц назад
  • I preferred NHL 15 on Xbox 360 rather than on the current gen consoles, everything just looks shiny and weird on the new gen

    Andy KromerAndy KromerМесяц назад
  • 3 on 3 NHL Arcade. Amazing game, shame it was taken down.

    bad muchacho bbad muchacho bМесяц назад
  • Haven't got NHL legacy for PS 3

  • Next year it should be getting Ray Tracing into this game otherwise no purchase!

    Zero SumZero SumМесяц назад