Dead & Company: Live from Autzen Stadium 6/30/18 Set II Opener

Tune in for a free stream of tonight's second set opener live from Autzen Stadium! Order the webcast at and watch the first set on demand later in case you missed it.




  • Who is curating Another Saturday night? Show selection has been excellent

    Gerry CyrGerry Cyr3 месяца назад
  • was there

    blake conwayblake conway4 месяца назад
  • this is a good one

    WilDreamsWilDreams9 месяцев назад
  • Awesome ....cause i don't remember EUGENE.

    HaydenHaydenГод назад
  • This is one of the most impressive moments in DeadCo history...

    Tom ReynoldsTom ReynoldsГод назад
    • It really is

      kevin Borcherskevin Borchers10 месяцев назад
  • So grateful i moved to eugene after fare thee well.....why is this band following me around?

    Wilfredo ReyesWilfredo ReyesГод назад
  • Oh' Yaa !

    HaydenHayden2 года назад
  • There is no doubt the music was great. However they never once said"Hi to Eugene " or acknowledged the crowd. They did not even introduce the band members or give a story about Jerry. Where was the people's touch?

    simon howardsimon howard2 года назад
  • Hat’s off to Johnboy - you’re channeling Jer pretty well there bro!

    Vermont Blues PlayerVermont Blues Player2 года назад
  • Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Dark Star.

    I DigressI Digress2 года назад
  • More of this, please!

    I DigressI Digress2 года назад
  • Thanks for posting. Long live the Dead.

    No NameNo Name2 года назад
  • That was such an amazing show and it was completely worth the drive from The Gorge all the way to Eugene even though we were late. ;) damn slow school bus

    Life is just Amazing and AwesomeLife is just Amazing and Awesome2 года назад
  • Sage smudge the tour buses guys.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • A.C. 30 cab with real green back and real vintage 30 and a 410 with 2 weber ferromaxes(good luck) and a pair of high watt alnicos,and a high head room fenderish reverb?

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
    • A.C. 30 with normal channel.

      Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • Crib sheets yo.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • And you ask each of your personal records(your DNA and RNA)what the contracts are with all parties. Me included. If you pick the songs right I could play tonight and tomorrow no repeats. Got a spare amp pair. Mine need servicing. You have time guys. Plane on. 14895. Local limo. Run, Run, Run for the Roses.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • Thats fun, Jerry in a wheat field playing acoustic. What dimension is that Broseph. Beautiful fields.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • And now some body has really pissed off the Houses of The Holy. Check this shit out Bigger J.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • You guys still have the Godzilla mono block power amp of Jer's? Cu so wanna load Mickeys Sounds of the universe into the pan flute midi rig. Sweet.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • Hey Company of Heaven, pipe that "Gentleman Start Your Engines" from yesterday down here.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • Ah yes conviction. See John it isn't how many notes you can play, it's the dragon flying as a unit. Whose that blue suck cord on the mains attached to? Me? To much Fu John? Master of Fu.

    Jesse BeauchampJesse Beauchamp2 года назад
  • I was there and can attest to the epic experience...2nd set was as good as it gets.

    teddy Gteddy G2 года назад
    • What the set list

    • I'm still stunned. Incredible 2nd set.

      WY97212WY972122 года назад
  • The Gorge was amazing one of the best shows I have ever seen and I have seen many Dead shows.

    Bradley HannahBradley Hannah2 года назад
  • Second set looks like a dream set for me. Wow.

    Douglas FisherDouglas Fisher2 года назад
  • Steal your face

    tom pratertom prater2 года назад
    • Right off your head

  • i bet this show smelled great ;)

    Cole TaylorCole Taylor2 года назад
  • Love from Eugene

    ZenLionZenLion2 года назад
  • Gorge and Eugene were phenomenal!

    Brian MeagherBrian Meagher2 года назад
  • Starts at 9:21

    William R HallWilliam R Hall2 года назад
  • Absolutely beautiful!!!

    noe barrnoe barr2 года назад
  • wow.

    Christopher PerryChristopher Perry2 года назад
  • C'mon Give us a whole show!

    RedBear 77RedBear 772 года назад
  • This must have been a great show.

    mark smithmark smith2 года назад
    • It was so good

      Life is just Amazing and AwesomeLife is just Amazing and Awesome2 года назад
  • Great show

    Brandon hillBrandon hill2 года назад
  • My face is melted! The setlist just amazed me! Hopefully when I hear the whole thing I will be excited as well!

    NOOGIE 420NOOGIE 4202 года назад
  • The spirit is "ALIVE" IN this music. Dark star>El Paso, now that's an old school combo.

    ryan monaghanryan monaghan2 года назад