Dead & Company: Playing in the Sand 2/15/18

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a free rebroadcast of our first show in Mexico from Feb. 15, 2018.




  • they are still a very high quality band

    atombomb31458atombomb3145813 дней назад
  • Great band. They shouldn't be compared to any other band. They stand in the moment.

    John DoeJohn DoeМесяц назад
  • With you Steve. "Dead" put this together including Mayer. Let's just TG they are running this for us.

    Maxy MMaxy MМесяц назад
  • Misplaced ads ...Thumbs down on you

    Easy Aces Trading, LLC.Easy Aces Trading, LLC.Месяц назад
  • Why John have full body with just painted “f” instead of semi-hollow Super Eagle? Anybody? 😁

    Kamil BełzKamil BełzМесяц назад
  • I was fifteen when I meat Bob weir in Reno he was in his other band King fish he s so nice those guys were great David tourburt nurps all so tight good players all of em

    Stephen GiffithStephen Giffith2 месяца назад
  • This show absolutely smokes 🔥 Boys are playing loose and having fun 💪🏻

    Nathan BarrowNathan Barrow2 месяца назад
  • Its a shame that the audience is full of Rich White People. I want to see Dead & Co in Tijuana with the locals.

    Louigi MantoothLouigi Mantooth2 месяца назад
  • Im reinvigorated. I have discovered DEAD & Co. I ran away when Jerry died. I found the Citi Field Show on youtube and they were so tight and good, even without Jerry and Phil. Oteil is outstanding. I wish he would drop more Bombs like Phil on songs like Morning Dew but he is exceptional. Mayer is so talented, I think he fits right in. Check out Wrigley 2019 Opening song Terripin. They start right in with the lyrics. Its the best way Jerry ever started that song. "Let my Inspiration Flow". The Sand reference is obviously about Mexico. Why didnt they close with Mexicali Blues. I love the Dead and I love Mexico. This is life at its best. I AM BACK.

    Louigi MantoothLouigi Mantooth2 месяца назад
  • Let Jeff Sing! LOL - So nice to hear his and Oteil's voices during The Weight

    Neil KorsgaardNeil Korsgaard2 месяца назад
  • This is such a good show.

    Jordan W.Jordan W.2 месяца назад
  • Jm needs more hippie. Maybe a tie dye shirt. The bandanna is a start. Sounds good still the same.

    Ben ShoreBen Shore2 месяца назад
  • There is no doubting Jerry was one of a kind. There is no doubt JM is too. Why not celebrate the continuation of excellence and joy? I'm a Dead Head. I love D&C. Rock on.

    Michael BrownMichael Brown2 месяца назад
  • I'm sure you know about the Pack the Dead made with the Devil. "We'll give you somebody every few often Years, ... so just leave us alone while we Evolve

    Stephen BrunoStephen Bruno3 месяца назад
  • Thanks fellas!

    Joseph WisgirdaJoseph Wisgirda3 месяца назад
  • IGrew up in NYC saw jerry band at t 16 i was hooked mayers just right r i p jerry

    David RowanDavid Rowan3 месяца назад

    maciejej96maciejej964 месяца назад
  • I go back to 1972. I cant say how many times I have seen them - and then all the reincarnations...I saw Dead & Company at MSG a few years ago - Mayers first year with the band. Most of the times I have seen Jerry, he has been sloppy - sure that is part of the allure - - and amazing . - but frankly, Mayer does Jerry better than Jerry - - sorry folks - Mayer is an amazing musician.

    DougWJDougWJ5 месяцев назад
    • You’re a blind JM fanboy holy shit

      Mookie BlaylockMookie BlaylockМесяц назад
  • Hey does anyone know who that kid sitting on micky’s lap was? His grandson maybe? Just wondering, so cool of him do do that, whoever the lucky little man is

    Ramon PeralesRamon Perales5 месяцев назад
  • ive always envisioned a casey jones that went like this! is there a classic dead show anyone can point me to where they do it like this?!

    The_Bread_Pirate_G0nz0The_Bread_Pirate_G0nz05 месяцев назад
  • Pass the torch for 1000 years! this is incredible!

    The_Bread_Pirate_G0nz0The_Bread_Pirate_G0nz05 месяцев назад
  • He’s gone>Cassidy is a great tribute to John Perry Barlow, who passed a week before this show.

    Bo GermanBo German5 месяцев назад
  • band was on fire this show weren't they??? here's to hoping for a 2020 tour.

    lifewithkalmanlifewithkalman6 месяцев назад
  • Loving this, f&ck the haters, could they do this for 55 years plus? I doubt it. Glad I was bought up with grateful dead on vynil, they are as big a part of my childhood as running around picking up insects, catching fish and playing in Mother Nature. As long as there is nature, there will be the dead. Peace ☮️☮️

    sugar magnoliasugar magnolia6 месяцев назад
  • Weir been singing along time......a lifetime for some .......his vocals are very strong .....excellent

    Tom LTom L6 месяцев назад
  • The diffucult art of being humble and kind.....

    Per MjöbäckPer Mjöbäck6 месяцев назад
  • 76 people are pounding sand, not playing in it.

    Jrodeadhead2002Jrodeadhead20026 месяцев назад
  • The music continues to keep on Truck'n.

    James DoleJames Dole6 месяцев назад
  • The drums space part of a dead show really tied the experience together for me.......probably the result of massive psychedelic use......

    Mike WilkinsonMike Wilkinson7 месяцев назад
  • Call me crazy but i never got enough of the dead....but this incarnation of the band is filling in the hole in my heart from jerrys death....

    Mike WilkinsonMike Wilkinson7 месяцев назад
  • I always loved a jammin playin in the johns...........

    Mike WilkinsonMike Wilkinson7 месяцев назад
  • im not a drums space fan at all. its usually my queue to take my second bathroom break and maybe get a snack or drink or something. this one is different and really resonates with me. something is calling me. its so beautiful and mystique.

    AcolisAcolis7 месяцев назад
  • Test

    Philly Northbound Train DeadheadPhilly Northbound Train Deadhead7 месяцев назад
  • one of the best Dead cover bands ever!!!

    DYKERITZ: Music PageDYKERITZ: Music Page8 месяцев назад
  • Wish I could go in 2020 !!

    Vicki BrouwerVicki Brouwer8 месяцев назад
  • some real nice geetar being played here :-)

    steve thomassteve thomas8 месяцев назад
  • what I would love to hear and see for fall run and new years show at the new chase center, is for Jeff do a tribute to Brent and bust out a ( you can run / blown away /or even yes (I'll take you home) that could be special just like when Oteil busted out with china doll and I was there and it was so emotional and a special night. the crowds common and collective purpose in being there manifested into this giant energy cloud that formed above the venue and my wife was playing all night, how it was so strong that she was plucking energy balls out of the air and throwing and kicking them all over the place. fun times had by all

    Annamarie AndersonAnnamarie Anderson8 месяцев назад
    • Dear mr fantasy would be even better !

      Tyler ComasTyler Comas8 месяцев назад
  • Love that Oteil sings on fire on the mountain

    Eugene AxEugene Ax8 месяцев назад
  • Grateful for these guys. the weight was awesome. nice take. I liked the funky little reggae riff they added to it.

    Catfish JohnCatfish John9 месяцев назад
  • Playing in the Sand was always one of my favorite Dead songs. Not as much as Tennessee Ned or St Stephanie but definitely up there with Scarlet Petunias and Cousin Bob's Hand.

    shakespearinthealleyshakespearinthealley9 месяцев назад
    • It’s the name of a show they do in Mexico annually

      Timothy DonovanTimothy Donovan2 месяца назад
    • Amazing comment.

      Shawn KhruschShawn Khrusch4 месяца назад
    • Sounds like someone may have been playing in the sand a little too much.

      Jim HardyJim Hardy4 месяца назад
  • The songs are awesome, but the improvisational jams with Mayer not so much

    Hugh GoldspielHugh Goldspiel9 месяцев назад
  • how dare these live commenters disrespect the slide guitar. Duane will haunt you

    Tyler McCurryTyler McCurry9 месяцев назад
  • red house

    moesiah kiddomoesiah kiddo9 месяцев назад
  • little red rooster?

    moesiah kiddomoesiah kiddo9 месяцев назад
  • brent?

    moesiah kiddomoesiah kiddo9 месяцев назад
  • That Cassidy was special.

    Henrik LindlandHenrik Lindland10 месяцев назад
  • Absolutely loving the D&C's down tempo vibe, and the fresh harmonies, dynamics, and voicings to the numbers with which our ears are so deeply familiar. Great new life!

    Karch Dah-VeedKarch Dah-Veed10 месяцев назад
  • Why did they take away Mickey's cymbals?

    TaRgEteD iNdIvIDuAL 8o8TaRgEteD iNdIvIDuAL 8o811 месяцев назад
  • go back and listen to how, the tune is supposed to be played. and the lead can learn to do it, he is capable? when we start "watering down" the good tunes, instead of handing them down the generations as they are supposed to be played, we are not being genuine with the succeeding generations. Listen to Veneta OR ,the way it was handed down to us. please..💗 on trucking

    Ross HarrisRoss HarrisГод назад
  • Shorts and a hat

    Paul ArataPaul ArataГод назад
  • Mayer was a beast on Bertha. Made my fingers hurt just watching that solo.

    Kev GKev GГод назад
  • I never understood people who think Grateful Dead is such a great band I like bands like AC DC Abba Aerosmith Asia Alice Cooper Allman Brothers Band anthrax Alanis Morissette BB King the band The Beach Boys The Beatles Bee Gees Billy Preston Black Sabbath blind faith Blink 182 Blondie blue cheer Bo Diddley Bob Dylan Bob Marley Bon Jovi Bruce Springsteen Buddy Guy Buddy Holly Canned Heat captain beefheart Carpenters Cat Stevens Cheap Trick Chuck Berry The Clash cream Creedence Clearwater Revival Culture Club Crowded House David Bowie Deep Purple Def Leppard Derek and the Dominos Ronnie James Dio Dire Straits the doors Eagles Elvis Costello Elvis Presley Elton John Eric Clapton Florence + The Machine Frank Sinatra Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Frank Zappa free Foreigner Chicago Bachman-Turner Overdrive the Rolling Stones The Who Guns N Roses Iron Maiden Megadeth Metallica Marilyn Manson Rob Zombie Hot Tuna Santana Jefferson Airplane Country Joe and the Fish Ten Years After Emerson Lake and Palmer Grand Funk Railroad Joe Cocker Leon Russell Crosby Stills Nash & Young The Lovin Spoonful Nirvana Jimi Hendrix Led Zeppelin U2 REM yes The Moody Blues Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Styx Tesla Imagine Dragons Twenty One Pilots Stone Temple Pilots Velvet Revolver Slash featuring Myles Kennedy the zombies Janis Joplin Gary Puckett and the Union Gap Smashing Pumpkins Edgar Winter and Johnny Winter Richie Havens Quicksilver Messenger Service the Jay geils Band King Crimson Neil Young and Crazy Horse Pink Floyd wings Genesis Motley Crue George Thorogood Glen Campbell heart Electric Light Orchestra Humble Pie Iggy Pop Isaac Hayes the Isley Brothers James Brown and the flames James Taylor Jimmy Buffett Joan Baez kiss Kool & the Gang Sly and the Family Stone the Paul Butterfield Blues Band Lenny Kravitz Jethro Tull Lynyrd Skynyrd The Mamas & the Papas meatloaf Michael Jackson Simon and Garfunkel Pearl Jam Peter Frampton Billy Joel Queen Red Hot Chili Peppers Rush the faces the small faces Soundgarden Steve Miller Band Steve Winwood Stevie Wonder sting Supertramp T-Rex Taylor Swift Tears for Fears Thin Lizzy Three Dog Night traffic Velvet Underground white snake poison Johnny Mathis Billy Idol Tina Turner Slayer Chickenfoot Van Halen Judas Priest the Traveling Wilburys the Kinks Hootie and the Blowfish and I almost forgot even the worst band Nickelback but I don't have one Grateful Dead CD and I went through my whole CD collection and name them all

    joe fullerjoe fullerГод назад
    • Joe ....... You should have bought a few Grateful Dead CDs .........they are all that and more ...... The money you would have saved......well more grateful dead cds......Joe .....That's why the Grateful Dead is so great.....

      Tom LTom L6 месяцев назад
    • joe fuller you are missing out then

      Ben SniderBen SniderГод назад
  • seeing them on 6/23/19 at citi, so pumped

    Jo MaloneJo MaloneГод назад
    • Jo Malone ooohh, you saw wolf

      Max Perez-StableMax Perez-Stable6 месяцев назад
  • What a excellent show to have uploaded ✌️❤️💀

    Jason DJason DГод назад
  • how many people guessed the opener? lol

    Lets Go FlyingLets Go FlyingГод назад
  • Hello guys! So I purchased tickets to Dead and Company that will be playing in Dallas, Texas on July 2nd. I am going to resell the tickets for a much lower price. Is anyone interested in purchasing my tickets? I paid $265 for two lawn seat tickets but will sell them at a much lower price.

    Felicia RodriguezFelicia RodriguezГод назад
  • This is one of those songs that really doesn't benefit from being under tempo

    Roger WilcoRoger WilcoГод назад
  • Thank you Bobby. I love you dude

    Roger WilcoRoger WilcoГод назад
  • Like it

    RLB52RLB52Год назад
  • Drums and space so cool !!! 🌈😎🌈

    Gary RouffaGary RouffaГод назад
  • 🌈😎🌈

    Gary RouffaGary RouffaГод назад
  • as a new deadhead there is no way to compare the grateful dead and dead and co because they are two diferent animals. my dad has had them on my whole 14 years of existance but only two months ago have i realized how amazing they are. then i listened to a few dead and co shows and i thought they are terrible compared to the grateful dead, but i have soon come to realize that there is no way to compare them because john and jerry are such different singers and guitarists, if i had started by just listening to dead and co i would have loved the music just as much as i do the grateful dead and vice versa. they are two completely different aproaches to 1 great catalog and we should all enjoy them for what they are separately.

    isaac sweeneyisaac sweeneyГод назад
  • I saw the Dead when Jerry was skinny and when he was the great pumpkin at Halloween. The Grateful Dead is never coming back....but Dead & Co are making me smile, smile, smile!

    Jeff BellJeff BellГод назад
  • Dead to the next level, wow!

    Jaco de BoerJaco de BoerГод назад
  • I went to the first show in Albany and one each summer since - these shows are just so laid back and fun. If you cannot enjoy this set up I do not know what you need. Peace All.

    Todd HoffmanTodd HoffmanГод назад
  • Man that Cassidy went far out. Shun the nonbelievers

    tigerinatrancetigerinatranceГод назад
  • OB looks like he could play these bass lines while sleeping. Effortless..

    J WinslowJ WinslowГод назад
  • I'm only on the first song, PITB, but I have to say what many say, my main criticism is this is just painfully slow. Why does Bobby insist on slowing it down so much? Just sucks so much life out of the songs when they are altered to this degree. Then again, I hated FOTD when Jerry chose to slow it down from the original tempo, but that was just a single song and it was a reinterpretation. This is the entire repertoire, generally speaking, that gets the slow treatment.

    Blackie BlackieBlackie BlackieГод назад
    • Check back in when you're 70! I'm amazed Bill can still shuffle. I can't even stand up that long, much less remember the words - no teleprompter for Weir. People talk about Paul McCartney needing one to sing "Let It Be", 'course he's like 75.

      Jerry RogersJerry RogersГод назад
  • I paid to see this concert on nugs for about 35 bucks in hd was off the charts, and thought it was worth every penny. Now having the ability to see it again like this is amazing. I'm Grateful

    Shane GShane GГод назад
  • Seems like for the most part the energy has left albeit for a few songs during sets. When I go to a concert, especially a Dead show, I want to move. Motion creates emotion and the lack of energy creates less motion creating less emotion. I used to leave Dead shows feeling pumped. No longer. It's just a very mellow vibe now.....Lack of good energy.

    Paul WellsPaul WellsГод назад
  • Anyone notice the kid sitting on Mickey’s lap and drumming during Me And My Uncle? Maybe Mickey is his uncle??? That would be cool.

    Jason CarstJason CarstГод назад
  • hott dam this is good

    mike devinemike devineГод назад
  • damb i wish i could see the live but i live in australia!!

    Shaun ValeShaun ValeГод назад
  • Usually it's Bobby in shorts. JM copping his look.

    Guitar Lust EuphoriaGuitar Lust EuphoriaГод назад
  • PEace love and Harmony

    Oli Every Day Is An Oli DayOli Every Day Is An Oli DayГод назад
  • You know my Uncle......sweet Bobby, thank you Billy and Mickey for keepin it refinery a fine thing can fine...really groovy yo

    Oli Every Day Is An Oli DayOli Every Day Is An Oli DayГод назад
  • Lovely

    Oli Every Day Is An Oli DayOli Every Day Is An Oli DayГод назад

    Angel Starr JonesAngel Starr JonesГод назад
  • Aside from having to sit through that dingus trying to get people to call congress to fund his stupid wall, this video was freaking awesome!

    dan graysondan graysonГод назад

    Kim TaylorKim TaylorГод назад