Bitten While Defending A Friend

They tell you to stand up for what's right when you're young. They don't tend to mention the consequences that can come with it. This is the story of how I got bitten while defending a friend from another kid and got in trouble for it.

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  • Becca- Lord save us, Becca's angry Me- I KNEW IT

    AprilYT33AprilYT334 часа назад
  • Te amo 💜💜

    Morena De La IglesiaMorena De La Iglesia4 часа назад
  • maybe you can be on the masked singer?

    Marcus Rodabaugh JrMarcus Rodabaugh Jr5 часов назад

    reapergamerreapergamer6 часов назад
  • LORD HELP US BECKA’S ANGRY ‘me’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    David MDavid M7 часов назад
  • R: Milly,milly&milly

    Ira Ivette Hernández ZuletaIra Ivette Hernández Zuleta9 часов назад
  • if i was her i would have been like "just wait till i tell my parents >:)"

    Ohhellothere _Ohhellothere _9 часов назад
  • i haven’t ever gotten bitten but i haven’t gotten pushed and my nose turned purple

    Emma BethanyEmma Bethany10 часов назад
  • .

    julian darbyshirejulian darbyshire10 часов назад
  • Wow wow wow

    Regina LodiRegina Lodi11 часов назад
  • when i tell my parents they dont care

    1C05 蔡沛言 (Choi Pui Yin )1C05 蔡沛言 (Choi Pui Yin )12 часов назад
  • i know this this always happens to me

    1C05 蔡沛言 (Choi Pui Yin )1C05 蔡沛言 (Choi Pui Yin )12 часов назад
  • Good job because 😄

    Mrsness88Mrsness8814 часов назад
  • I hate billy's

    Jacob SnyderJacob Snyder16 часов назад
  • One flaw, your mom could probaly see the bite mark if it was on the side closer to the body then not but the side away ust pointing that out

    Jacob SnyderJacob Snyder16 часов назад
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="286">4:46</a> rebecca: objection *scary voice*

    Jacob SnyderJacob Snyder16 часов назад
  • Humans are the new snake! :D

    Jacob SnyderJacob Snyder16 часов назад
  • Freaking ankle biters or wrist biters

    Jacob SnyderJacob Snyder16 часов назад
  • Ive broken my wrist :D and it was my dominate hand to >:(

    Jacob SnyderJacob Snyder16 часов назад
  • EXPLAIN YOURSELF NAIVE! I died laughing. XD

  • Rebecca if you dont make a mouth iwill unsubcribe and unlike

    Marvelle ArvennioMarvelle Arvennio18 часов назад
  • Thanks Rebecca! Ur a great teacher!

    Zink AnimationsZink Animations18 часов назад
  • You really need to post a little bit more I’m not trying to rush you but you post like every four months

    Vini WightVini Wight18 часов назад
  • Yeah, I know this it's so bad, but i'm happy for protect my friends..

    Sadz _1.0Sadz _1.019 часов назад
  • Yeah, I know this it's so bad, but i'm happy for protect my friends..

    Sadz _1.0Sadz _1.019 часов назад
  • I'm really sorry this comment is late.. But I love you becca one reason is you change your cloths in animation.. Not a lot of animators do that so I love your vids!!

    Alice AndersonAlice Anderson20 часов назад
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="176">2:56</a> you should have gave us one chance

    The Weather RemindersThe Weather Reminders20 часов назад
  • You are so brave!!!!

    UnicorntubeUnicorntube21 час назад
  • do a vid bout cartoons

    Aden DualeAden Duale22 часа назад
  • I can't ring the darned Bell because it's "made for kids"

    Deathstreak8908 ΩDeathstreak8908 Ω22 часа назад
  • My mom bite my arm when i was younger and i asked her why and to quote on quote "I was playing with you" i asked her why and she didn't give me an exact answer and i still wonder to this day

    Swap MarioYTSwap MarioYT22 часа назад
  • Where are you?

    Alicia BrownAlicia Brown22 часа назад
  • Who is scared for Rebecca because she isn’t making that much videos these days

    Liana HongLiana Hong22 часа назад
  • When that one kid steals your special pink pencil *DEMON HAS BEEN RELEASED*

    The Beagle QueenThe Beagle QueenДень назад
  • Milly: im insane Becca: look what milly did to me Mom:oh hell no

    jim Caseyjim CaseyДень назад
  • Ye ey ye ey ye ey

    jim Caseyjim CaseyДень назад
  • And this is why I don't like public school and am very pleased with my Christian schools NOT having bullies. And online school is kinda hard to have bullies in cause the only time you really see eachother is during class and you can't exactly just talk to one another during class

    Skittle GremlinSkittle GremlinДень назад
  • So you see, a kid maaaaayyyyy get his nose broken if he doesn’t back off soon because he keeps harassing me and other girls about dating him. As an avid horse trainer with a short temper towards idiotic people and a mother that works in the school system, he might have bigger problems than a broken nose.

    sailsomewhere08sailsomewhere08День назад
  • you and your mom are so funny XD

    Bonnie 67Bonnie 67День назад
  • Shut up

    Darlene AndersonDarlene AndersonДень назад
    • Tf

      An's channelAn's channel21 час назад
  • Dude, our mom's would get along great. She had to do something similar for me once. And only once. Word spreed in the ISD quickly. Isn't it great to know your Mom's got your back?

    Jenay WinnJenay WinnДень назад
  • my mom would have taken me out of that school after all that crap

    Shayna CreationsShayna CreationsДень назад
  • He asked calmly she calmly explained

    Trinity HelpTrinity HelpДень назад
  • this quote "doing the right thing could still get you in trouble." this is kind of a reference to green arrow

    GamePage -RBXLGamePage -RBXLДень назад
  • U suck

    Hubert SanchezianHubert SanchezianДень назад
    • Tf

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  • Momma mode: oh HELL no

    Matthew BrooksMatthew BrooksДень назад
  • Never mind that was alexs new game.

    Nicolas MartinNicolas MartinДень назад
  • My brother bites me when he was really mad 👀 👅

    Abby N.Abby N.День назад
  • Principle: why do I hear boss music

    Ezra CarnahanEzra CarnahanДень назад
  • Ah yes 2 more months for a 𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼

    ReaperCode PlayzReaperCode PlayzДень назад
  • Cool =)

    murillo TOPmurillo TOPДень назад
  • I had a dog named Millie she was a great dog but I sadly don’t have her anymore because of causes involving a car accident

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  • ;;

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  • I hope you’re doing OK now did you get Over COVID-19

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  • Lol

    Avayah RunowskiAvayah RunowskiДень назад
  • Did you know that you are famous even in Brazil?

    Roberto ROCRoberto ROCДень назад
  • Mrs. Parham sounds just like my mom. lashing out at anybody who hurts her son.

    Seth ColbertSeth ColbertДень назад
  • My name is Millie... aww man!

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  • He could have sat on it

    Åthena_ GåmeżÅthena_ GåmeżДень назад
  • I broke my bullys nose and wrist let's just say he left me for sure I 11 btw

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  • Did qaurentine kill you

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  • it sad you got coron* :'(

    女の子美的女の子美的День назад
  • whenever my mom is mad at me she does a whole lecture to so same

    Yucky HoomanYucky HoomanДень назад
  • I laughed so hard when Rebecca‘s mom said HELL TO THE NAH 😂

    Yucky HoomanYucky HoomanДень назад
  • Face reveal

    tv gaming 6Ltv gaming 6LДень назад
    • Ok sure

      tv gaming 6Ltv gaming 6LДень назад
    • She has shown her face before i can link a video if you want

      Human PersonHuman PersonДень назад
  • Make me think of when i got suspended for being punched in the face.

    Sebastion FrithSebastion Frith2 дня назад
  • It's the Curona Viris

    Amanda HodoAmanda Hodo2 дня назад
  • Who's watching this on the 27th of may?

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  • Imagine milly seeing this xDD

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  • I want to be that mom >:D

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  • Прости конечно...Но можно субтитры на русском?

    ///Микиру //////Микиру ///2 дня назад

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  • B E E T L E J U I CE F R E E A U RY

    Erin Julienne MendozaErin Julienne Mendoza2 дня назад
  • Hope you recover from cv19

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  • I am now a oodilali

    Elizabeth JimenezElizabeth Jimenez2 дня назад
  • WOOHOO almost 3 million Odalollies

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  • if i was defining a friend i bite them

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  • Stand up to the principle like you do to other kids You say what ever you want I say h class at school

  • Greg counts as being in the girls bathroom he is looking at it You can’t explore the bathroom You will go to the jail I am going to call 911